Top 10 popular TV shows among young people

Many young people lead an active lifestyle, but they do not refuse watching TV. Especially like many TV shows. And which of them can be called the most popular among young people?

Most Popular Youth TV Series

So, we invite you to find out the top 10 most popular TV shows among young people:

1. "The Vampire Diaries"- a series about vampires and ordinary people. The action takes place in the town of Mystic Falls, located in Virginia. Since ancient times, something terrible and inexplicable has been created in this place. And this is due to the fact that previously the territory belonged to vampires.

The Vampire Diaries

But it turns out that vampires exist now, and two of them (siblings) fall in love with one of the inhabitants of the town, Elena Gilbert, who is so much like the long-time beloved brothers Catherine Pierce. Catherine herself also decides to return to the city and to understand the love affair of a mere mortal and two vampires Damon and Stefan Salvatore.

It is a love triangle that is the basis of the plot, but the events unfolding in the series will also concern the younger brother Helena, friends and acquaintances.Passions literally seethe, forcing the audience to empathize with the heroes.

2. "Magnificent age"- a television series based on real historical events taking place in Turkey. In the plot, the country is ruled by Sultan Suleiman I, who was the greatest commander and just a stately and majestic man. The second heroine is a simple girl of Alexander.

Magnificent century

She was captured by the Ottomans, and then presented to Suleiman. The girl had to accept Islam and change the name. The simple concubine Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska (as her name is now Alexandra) decides to win the heart of the Sultan and become his wife, no matter what. But in order to carry out her plans, she will have to overcome difficulties and literally walk over the heads of those who stand in the way. As a result, the girl manages to become the first wife of Suleiman, but she still has many enemies.

Magnificent century Hurem

3. "Game of Thrones". From the first minutes of the first series it is literally impossible to break away from the screen. The plot is so interesting that it immediately carries into the mysterious world of the Seven Kingdoms. The summer, which lasted almost ten years, ends, and with it the era of prosperity.

Game of Thrones 1

The iron throne is occupied, but it does not stop anyone.As a result, the real battle begins for the right to become the King of the Seven Kingdoms. There are many aspirants, and everyone is eager for revenge and is ready for anything, even for the killing of loved ones. But still a piece of good in this world remains, although there is undoubtedly more evil in it.

Game of Thrones

Carried away by the struggle for the throne, the inhabitants of the kingdoms do not pay attention to the fact that something terrible is near. Awakens Darkness, which was told by legends. Only the Wall of Ice, located far to the north, can protect against evil. But how to keep it, if everyone dreams only of power?

4. "Dr. House". Although this series, unfortunately, has already ended, but at one time it was one of the most popular among young people. Events unfold in the clinic, the series describes the working life of experienced doctors and those who are just beginning their careers.

Dr. House

The true charismatic Dr. House leads and guides everyone on the path. The doctor's assistants receive patients and help them get rid of physical and mental pain. In addition, young doctors are trying to cure the doctor himself from addiction (he is forced to take narcotic painkillers because of the illness). Of course, there was romance and humor, which makes the TV series particularly interesting.

5. "Garbage"- a series about difficult teenagers who are on correctional labor. One day, a storm begins, and the heroes get lightning, which changed their lives. One by one, adolescents understand that after the storm they became owners of unique abilities.


So, the modest and reticent Simon can become invisible at any moment, rebel Kelly understands that he hears other people's thoughts, Curtis can turn back the clock and change the future, young party girl Alisha with one touch can cause wild and unbridled sexual attraction, and self-confident Neuton understands that is immortal. But will such abilities help young people?

6. "Pretty little liars". In the story Aria, Spencer, Alison, Khan and Emily were best friends. But suddenly one of the girls (Alison) disappears. Inconsistent friends can not understand what is the matter, and their friendship gradually stops. But a year later, the girls get together.

Pretty little Liars

It would seem that everything is the same again as it was before. But suddenly each of her friends received a letter from the anonymous author with the letter “E”. The author of the letters knows all the secrets of the girls, and some of them were known only to the missing Alison.Her friends are afraid that their secrets will be revealed, and they are ready to go to any lengths to protect themselves.

Each has its own "skeleton in the closet." But who is sending mysterious messages? This is the heroines to find out. The series is full of discoveries, mysteries and secrets, so that the viewer is constantly in suspense.

7. "Supernatural". What will happen if all evil spirits described in legends and fairy tales suddenly come to life? The world will be in danger. But ordinary mortals protect brothers Dean and Sam Winchester. In their car, they traveled almost the entire world and continue to travel around major cities and small villages forgotten by God.


Finding places that are covered with chilling fear, the Winchesters begin the fight against evil. Dean and Sam fearlessly fight monsters and monsters, catch ghosts and save people. Each of the brothers more than once died, but then resurrected. Each series is a separate story about the embodiment of evil, which seeks to take over the world and rule people.

8. "Sherlock". In this series, the old heroes of Conan Doyle have found a new life. Sherlock Holmes is a bit of a crazy consulting detective with his weirdness and talents.He beats the corpses with whips and can easily recognize a programmer, pilot and a representative of any other profession.


Sherlock's neighbor John Watson has recently returned from Afghanistan and is suffering from psychosomatic chromates and severe depression. A neighbor with a crazy detective scares and embarrasses Watson, but at some point he realizes that everything Sherlock does is incredibly interesting. As a result, John becomes an assistant to Holmes and plunges into the world of investigations and murders.

9. "Suckers"- series about the life of modern British teenagers. This new generation, which is distinguished by the desire for independence and independence. One of the heroes is the bully bully Tony, the other is his friend Sid, who is the exact opposite. The girl Tony Michelle seems arrogant, but in fact is smart and self-sufficient.


Michelle Cassie's girlfriend has mental problems and is overly eccentric. Chris is the king of parties and parties, and Jel is a prudent girl who has problems with her family. All the main characters are immersed in the modern world and are forced to fight the temptations. Drugs, fights, sex, fights - that's what teenagers have to face. Will the heroes remain human beings and survive in this cruel world?

10. “Lost”. Large liner crashed. As a result, 48 passengers, survived after the disaster, find themselves on a desert island. The chances of finding everyone are small, so it remains to survive. And the island supposedly comes to life and seeks to exterminate all uninvited guests. People disappear one after another. Someone falls into a black hole in the ground, someone is killed by an arctic bear.

Stay alive

As a result, completely different people with their weirdness and destinies are forced to act together to be saved. But will the heroes be able to unravel the secrets of the island and figure out how to get out of here? The series is very exciting and interesting, with everyone who died on the island, the audience literally says goodbye with tears in their eyes.

There are other TV shows that young people like. But those listed above became cult and won the love of millions.

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