Top 10 Most Perfect Persistent Lipsticks

For all her life, the average woman eats about 5 kg of lipstick. And it is not surprising, because this cosmetic is one of the best-selling in the world. Lipstick can emphasize the virtues of the lips, make them attractive and become just a bright accent of the image. And the results of many years of research say that girls who use such a tool on a daily basis feel more confident, and their gait is distinguished by grace and straight posture.

But so that confidence in her own attractiveness does not disappear during the day, if lipstick suddenly loses its color and rolls over her lips, you should carefully consider the process of her choice. Today we present you the TOP 10 of the most resistant means of the mass-market and luxury segment, which will withstand any kisses and heavy meals.

The right choice - a pledge of a gorgeous look!

To determine the resistance, it is necessary to pay attention to the symbols on the package. On persistent lipstick is always indicated - 12h, 24h or long lasting.Such a tool does not spread, does not roll and does not lose its color. In addition, you will not need to constantly tint lips. Which one to choose? Let's start with the budget options.

  • Color Sensation by Maybelline. One of the inexpensive, but high-quality tools. Really good on lips. In addition, the range of shades is quite extensive. Among the 34 titles, you can choose as usual tones, there and with a characteristic metallic sheen. The composition of Color Sensation includes vitamin E and honey nectar, which care for lips.
  • Color Riche from Loreal. In the line of these tools there is a place for bright shades and seductive shine. And your lips will never be overdried due to protective substances - omega-3 and the famous caring component of E.
  • Matte Lipstick by Revlon. Matte lips look especially elegant, because the main focus in this case is on the color, not on the gloss. Matte Lipstick has few shades, but the most popular ones are cherry, pink, powdery. Ideal stability is provided for 4 hours, after that it is necessary to tint. But this is an excellent result for cosmetics economy segment.
  • Lasting Finish by Rimmel. Its creamy texture gently and evenly lies on the lips, not spreading and not rubbing for 8 hours. The period of endurance declared by the manufacturer fully corresponds to reality.Excellent density makes it possible to get a saturated color even after one application.
  • Ultra from Avon. One of the most inexpensive lipsticks, which, however, has very good features and reviews. True Color technology begins its work after the tool is on your lips. It is at this moment that the pigments are activated, giving it a bright shade. In addition, Ultra contains a large number of caring components, and, importantly, is able to protect your lips from UV rays, having SPF 15.
  • Lipfinity from Maxfactor. One of the best lipsticks in the luxury segment of decorative cosmetics. Liquid format gives a feeling of softness, but at the same time, is not sticky. A tube of double-sided, on the one hand basis, on the second directly lipstick.

Thanks to the silicone component, the color pigment evenly covers the lips and retains the original texture for 12 hours.

  • Rouge Pur Couture by YSL. Appearing in cosmetics stores, this tool made a real sensation. An extensive palette of colors allows you to choose the right shade, and a special formula allows you to easily apply even the brightest tone without special skills. Everything falls smoothly and clearly.Maximum resistance can be achieved by applying two layers of lipstick.
  • Pro Longwear Lipcolor by M.A.C. Qualitative professional cosmetic means. It has a light texture, cream finish, which provide up to 12 hours of durability. Comfortably applied, it glides nicely and does not lose color for a long time. Must-have for those who want to always have a perfect makeup.
  • Rouge Double Intensite from Channel. Another luxury segment lipstick is an excellent alternative to gloss. The two-sided tube consists of lipstick, which includes unique micropigments and polymers, and the shine enhances the shade and makes it possible to preserve the original look for a long time.
  • Le Rouge by Givenchy. It's more than lipstick. This is a real work of art, because how else to call an exquisite case made of leather and metal. It’s a pleasure to hold it in your hands, but often you don’t have to. Delicate creamy texture beautifully lays down and perfectly preserved for 6 hours.

The once-famous film star Marilyn Monroe put lipstick in five layers, and only then considered her lips super-sexy. But modern developments of the beauty industry allow women to achieve the perfect image after the first application, feeling like a real star.Be sure of yourself, and lipstick just emphasize it.

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