Top 10 most beautiful forests in our world

If you like to walk in the woods, then you will surely be impressed by places that can be safely called the most beautiful in the whole world.

Top 10 most beautiful forests on the planet:

  1. In Poland, in New Tsarnovo is amazingCurve forestThe origin of which is still legendary. This is a small number of about four hundred pine trees, a distinctive feature of which are very unusual and mysterious forms of trees. All of them have trunks curved and rounded at the bases. Some believe that this was the result of using an unusual cultivation technique, others believe that tanks drove over pines planted in 1930, while others are confident that aliens or otherworldly forces visited the forest. Anyway, the Curve Forest deserves attention, fascinates and attracts Poles and tourists.
  2. Black Forestis located in Germany, and its name translates as "black forest". The forest is located on a ridge and includes so many coniferous trees located next to each other, that their crowns do not let the sun's rays through and create a twilight effect.Seeing this place, the Romans decided to call it that way. In the "Black Forest" is incredibly beautiful at any time of the year, and in addition to the atmosphere of mystery here you can enjoy lakes, rivers and even waterfalls. The place is ideal for walks and dates, because there are paths for cyclists and footpaths. If you are lucky, you can see stunning unique plants and even local inhabitants.
  3. Bamboo Forest Saganois located in Japan and also bewitches with its beauty. It occupies the foot of Arashiyama and extends around the outskirts of Kyoto, attracting millions of tourists. This forest is unique and incredibly beautiful: high, numerous bamboos seem to be dissected by a path and part ways, opening the way. The trees are so long and thin that it seems that they rush into the sky. And when sun rays break through their trunks, it seems that the earth is pierced by golden bright arrows. At night it is calm and quiet here, the moon barely glances through the leaves. The spectacle is just great and inspiring!
  4. Zhangjiajielocated in China. It was considered a wild rocky forest, but relatively recently received the status of a national forest park, and now there are always visitors.But officially the territory was discovered more than thirty years ago, and it immediately fell into the list of world heritage and became the property of the country. The park is huge and has an area of ​​about 13 thousand square kilometers, it is home to over five hundred species of different animals. There are unique rare plants that are endangered and protected by local authorities. But the majestic quartz rocks deserve special attention: their height is about 800 meters, and some sections reach almost 3 km! Interesting fact: in this forest park landscapes of the planet Pandora were taken from the picture “Avatar”. By the way, visitors can get to the observation deck on one of the elevators, whose system is recognized as the highest in the world.
  5. Costa Rica has a stunning forest reserve.Monteverde Cloud, stretching along the mountains. Every year more than seventy thousand tourists come here to enjoy the views and, of course, to replenish the country's budget, for which the forest is especially valued by local authorities and is maintained in proper form. The reserve includes six zones, including a total of more than 2.5 thousand species of plants, one hundred species of mammals, 400 species of birds and about 120 species of amphibians and reptiles.In addition, there are luxurious orchids, and it is in Monteverde Cloud that the largest number of their varieties is collected - more than five hundred. A walk in the forest will definitely give a lot of bright emotions and will be remembered!
  6. Vaipuain New Zealand, famous for the fact that there grow two huge wonderfully preserved Kauri trees, which even have names: Te Matua Ngaere and Tane Mahuta. The name of the latter is translated from the Maori language as “lord of the rings”, and its age, according to scientists, can reach 2.5 thousand years. Another tree is even older (up to 3 thousand years) and has the most impressive girth. In addition, here is the most beautiful coniferous zone in the whole country. There is another interesting attraction - the large population of kiwi, which became symbols of the country. No less rare and endangered bird is Cocaco from the North Island.
  7. DaintreeIs the largest rainforest in Australia. In general, the tropics are incredibly beautiful, mysterious, sometimes dangerous, but it is these qualities that make the place special and attractive. The age of the forest, according to some sources, can reach 160 million years, that is, it is one of the oldest places on the planet.Daintree impresses not only with its majestic beauty, but also with its diversity: there are a lot of different kinds of tropical animals, birds and plants on the territory. Here, approximately thirty percent of amphibians and reptiles of Australia, more than 60% of unique bats of Australian butterflies and many centuries-old trees are concentrated. Exploring the area, you can see not only the humid tropics, but also gorges, coral reefs, waterfalls, sands and mountains.
  8. ABOUTBelovezhskaya Pushchaalmost all residents of the former USSR have heard or know it, but to this day it remains incredibly beautiful and can be considered one of the most picturesque places in the world. This forest is located on the border of Poland and Belarus, and it is included in the UNESCO list. Scientists consider this zone the oldest and largest section of the primeval forest, preserved on the European plain.
  9. Inland- rainforest, located in Canada and British Columbia. It's very beautiful, because in the territory grow amazing untouched plants, the age of which can reach thousands of years. Virgin junipers deserve special attention.
  10. Iniois a national forest park in the USA (state of California), and it is really impressive. The white mountains located in this amazing place seem to carry them back a few thousand years or to another planet, and the huge spinous pines remind of the venerable age of the Earth. Here you can find the oldest trees of the world, for example, the huge Pine Methuselah, named after the biblical ancestor of modern people. Scientists believe that the age of this magnificent elder may exceed 4800 years!

They were the most beautiful forests in the world, worth visiting.

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