Top 10 amazing facts about China

China is an amazing and multifaceted country that will certainly surprise every tourist! And to find out a little more about it, find out the most interesting facts.

Short country information

Start exploring amazing China is worth with a brief information about this country. Officially, it is called the People’s Republic of China. This state is located in East Asia and is washed at once by four seas belonging to the Pacific Ocean basin. Also, the country has many "neighbors", which is associated with a huge area of ​​territory: it borders immediately on fourteen states.

The nature and relief of China are diverse and interesting. The landscape is incredibly complex and includes plains, hollows, deserts, mountains, plateaus. On the territory there are numerous lakes and rivers, and the plant and animal worlds are so unusual that they can not fail to impress.

Also, the large area of ​​the territory determines a diverse climate, which varies from subtropical and temperate to sharply continental, so temperatures vary greatly in different parts of the country, especially in winter.And in some regions, the weather is influenced by the seas, and therefore is particularly changeable.

The most interesting facts

Top ten most interesting facts about China:

  1. China is a leader in many ways. So, this is the third country in the world in terms of the area it occupies. It exceeds 9 million square kilometers (more than only Canada and Russia). In terms of population, China is the first state on the planet, and this figure is more than 1.3 billion people. By the way, Beijing and Shanghai are the most densely populated cities.
  2. To slow down the incredible rates of demographic growth, the government of the state passed a law restricting the number of children in a family. Even well-to-do and healthy spouses could afford only one child. So far, this rather unusual way to solve the problem of huge population density has not been allowed, but it has made China the fastest growing country in the world: there are much more elderly people than children now, and this is very sad. And although now the maximum number of children has reached two, until the situation improves.And only a very rich family can afford a third child, since she will have to pay a huge tax.
  3. The Chinese are forbidden to go to social networks. Thus, the government is trying to prevent any condemnation of the authorities and to avoid propaganda of violence. But still, some particularly cunning citizens of the state do not comply with this prohibition and use special applications and programs that provide disguise on the Internet. Therefore, Facebook is not visited only by uneducated and “not friendly” high-tech Chinese.
  4. In China, there is such a phenomenon as “brain drain”, and it is much more significant than in other countries. Although the level of education here is quite high, many young specialists cannot find a job after graduating from higher educational institutions, which is due to the huge population and the lack of decent jobs. And therefore, about 70% of Chinese who have left for work abroad, do not return to their homeland, preferring to it a decent and prosperous life.
  5. Chinese civilization is considered one of the most ancient and educated. A distinctive feature is the presence of its own writing, and it is incredibly complex. In the national language of all over eighty thousand different characters.And the average Chinese who graduated from university knows about 5 thousand hieroglyphs. But while more than half of the inhabitants are illiterate.
  6. Any wealthy Chinese who has crossed the line of the law can avoid the consequences, and in a very sophisticated way. Many people in the country who face a prison sentence hire twins, and those for a certain fee serve their sentences instead of the criminal. In connection with this, a peculiar saying appeared: “The law rules in America, and the people rule in China.”
  7. Surprisingly, in China there are much more people who speak English than in the USA! There are several explanations. The first is a huge number. The second is a good level of education. The third is problems with jobs: many Chinese learn English to get a prestigious place abroad.
  8. Brad Pitt has never been to China despite having traveled almost the entire world. In addition, he was banned from entering the country for playing the leading role in the film “Seven Years in Tibet”, which was regarded as propaganda against the power of the state. The same prohibition applies to another actor David Tewlis, starring in the same picture.
  9. All pandas of the world are Chinese. If they are outside their homeland, it is only because the authorities have leased them to other countries. But the resulting offspring will also automatically become the property of China. This situation has led to the emergence of a term called “pandan diplomacy”.
  10. In China, a huge number of suicides are committed annually, which is probably due to the low standard of living of a large percentage of the population, as well as the need to constantly work. And in connection with such sad indicators in the state there is an extremely rare profession of the catcher of corpses, whose representatives are engaged in the search for the bodies of people who have drowned in rivers and their extraction.

Other interesting information

There are some other things to note:

  • Although the territory of China is simply huge, there is only one time zone in the country, which is very convenient for all residents, especially those in different parts of the state.
  • If you think that there are big traffic jams in your city, you are greatly mistaken. In 2010, a traffic jam occurred in China, which stretched over two hundred kilometers! And the drivers following the Beijing-Tibet highway had to stand on the road for more than ten days.Generally, traffic jams are a phenomenon that has become familiar for China, but still the inhabitants of the country continue to buy cars and get behind the wheel.
  • If in many world countries black mourning is considered a mourning color, in China mourning is personified by white.
  • A resident of Yunnan province killed and subsequently ate a tiger, which turned out to be the last representative of a rare Indochinese population. The peasant tried to justify himself by the fact that he was forced to defend himself from a predator and did not recognize him as an endangered animal. But still the man was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment and a huge fine by Chinese standards (about 70 thousand dollars).
  • All the Chinese speak very loudly, and this is due to the high level of noise in most large cities of the country.
  • In China, the soup made from the nests of swallows is very popular.
  • Production of contraceptives in this country is not taxed. And this is one of the ways to reduce the population.
  • The Chinese are real workaholics who are not familiar with laziness and do not go on vacation.
  • In most parts of the state, there are no more than a hundred last names, and Li and Wang are considered the most common.
  • According to forecasts, in ten years in China ten megacities will be built, comparable in size to New York.

These were the most interesting facts about amazing China.

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