To see the cabinet in a dream

To see a cabinet in a dream - to see your business life, promotion or demotion, relationships with colleagues and supervisors, as well as your health, if we are talking about a medical office. To understand why the office is dreaming, pay attention to what was happening in it and how comfortable you were there.

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Dream office
Dream office

Office in a dream

He symbolically shows your current state of affairs. If you can't find the right document there, things are in disarray, then your business is bad. Because of promiscuity, confusion, you not only with difficulty complete the work begun, but you may lose your job altogether. Need to concentrate on the details and restore order.

To disassemble papers, to throw out all unnecessary things out of the office and to sweep in it is a favorable sign that will help you to establish not only activities, but also relations with the authorities.

Drinking coffee in the office at the table is a good sign. Your affairs will go easy, special troubles are not expected in the near future. Sometimes such a dream heralds an invitation to a picnic or corporate party.

If you dreamed that someone is throwing you out of the office and says that this is his place - wait for personnel changes at work, promotion or, on the contrary, dismissal. Being not in the office, and in the office space - to tedious duties.

To see the chief's office in a dream

One of the most unpleasant dreams. Usually he does not bode well, especially if things are going badly or the dreamer is aware of his major blunders and mistakes. This dream can mean both a rise, a serious conversation with the boss, and dismissal, major troubles.

Do not find the boss in the office or see a new face there - to personnel changes or an unexpected increase in the employee, whom you saw on the site of the authorities. If there was a stranger there, the boss may show himself from an unexpected side, or a person not from your organization will work instead. Sometimes coincidences in a dream are very accurate. A person can see his acquaintance, who is like a new boss, seen in his dream, or a completely new person.

If the boss calls you to the "carpet" - wait for a major and, possibly, unpleasant conversation in reality.

Medical room

To see the office in a dream in a medical institution - to health problems.The dental office predicts loss, heartache, or painful, but necessary change.

The gynecological office dreams before exacerbations of female diseases, pregnancy or abortion. Sometimes it means forcing evil will into your life.

Surgical room portends loss and trouble. The rest of the medical offices dream of minor changes. They pay attention to the correction of errors in various spheres of life (oculist - you should expand your horizons, change your views, ENT - watch your words and do not believe the false rumors, etc.).

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