These needful buds

The kidneys do well with their function only when a sufficient amount of water enters the body during the day. It is the fluid that provides a good current of plasma through the renal filters, as a result, toxins, bacteria and salts are promptly removed from the body. Drink green tea, fruit drinks and clean water.
Vitamin A prevents the formation of stones. Eat plenty of greens, red vegetables, fish, and fruit. Give up hard diets. If you drastically reduce weight, for example, in a week, it can lead to a narrowing of the fatty capsule of the kidneys and cause nephroptosis - the prolapse of the kidney - in the future.
Other, no less serious diseases may contribute to various kidney diseases. For example, diabetes, atherosclerosis, inflammation of the uterus, appendages. The risk increases during pregnancy, when the uterus begins to grow, it puts pressure on the ureters, and this complicates the normal flow of urine. All this can lead to completely undesirable consequences and long-term treatment with various specialists.
The most obvious symptoms of kidney disease are pain in the lumbar region, dark yellow or red urine, and swelling in the morning. Contact a specialist, take blood and urine tests, pass an ultrasound examination.
Initially, the kidneys are protected from hypothermia by the fat capsule. But its functions are not limitless. Choose clothes according to the weather, on wet and cold days it is very easy to catch a cold, do not sit on cold surfaces.

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