These items make the room attractive and healthy.

Very often, furnishing an apartment, we focus on fashion, beauty or the advice of friends. Choosing the situation, focus not only on the design, but also on the functionality of things, and can significantly save on medicines.

Bed linen and home textiles made from natural fabrics

Synthetic fabrics are brighter, shed less and are easy to wash. Caring for them is often easier. That's just your skin will be much more grateful for a bed of cotton and linen without additives. Synthetic fabrics often have toxic impregnations, especially when it comes to tablecloths, curtains and other textiles, which do not involve frequent contact with the skin.

Colors of furniture and walls of your favorite shades will improve your mood.

It has long been no secret that psychology affects the complex biochemical processes of the body. Avoid irritating and depressing shades.Be sure to get rid of furniture and things that cause you negative associations, even if they are of objective value.

Get high-quality air purification system

Breathing fresh air prevents many diseases. No wonder all the resorts and hospitals are building away from urban smog. In an ordinary apartment, a real split-system can be a real salvation. Most modern devices work silently and have a nice design.

Quality mattress will provide a healthy sleep

Give preference to natural materials that not only provide you with excellent posture, but also do not harm the skin. Choose mattresses without flame retardant impregnation, because the latter contain a lot of toxic substances.

Return to the good old cast-iron frying pan

The convenience of Teflon pans allowed them to almost completely replace the old dishes. However, non-stick coating is considered dangerous for humans.

Get a salt lamp

Not so long ago, such lamps were considered a wonder. But thanks to its benefits, lamps have become very popular.When heated, particles of salt ionize the air, increasing the oxygen supply to the brain cells.

Buy wooden kitchen appliances

Plastic and inexpensive metal are more likely to do you more harm than good. Prefer organic products such as bamboo products. It is convenient to use such utensils, and it looks great in the kitchen.

Organize islets of green throughout the house

Houseplants purify the air and release oxygen. Choose those that are less allergenic and unpretentious in the care. So you do not have to spend too much energy on maintaining a home garden in excellent condition, and it will work for your health.

Do not go into the room in the street shoes

It would seem - an elementary rule, but many periodically violate it. Even sometimes, entering the room without taking off your shoes, you risk bringing not only harmful bacteria into the living space, but also chemicals that cover city streets in abundance. Walk in slippers and do not neglect wet cleaning.

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