There is no reason not to have fun: we pick jokes for cold cuts and mulled wine!

Long ago, when the grass was greener, and the ice cream was more delicious, the drunken folder came home Friday evening, and my mother met him with a formidable look with a towel at the ready: "Well, what kind of reason was this to drink ???". And in response: "Well, we are ... with the men ... noted ...". And to the question what kind of holiday we have today like this, there followed an invariable answer: Faceted Glass Day!


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This holiday really is, but not every Friday, and once a year, but every day you can find an excellent occasion. Drink? Well, not necessarily. But have fun - quite!

For example, March 3 marks a wonderful holiday - the Day of cold cuts and mulled wine! Sounds good, right? Transparent slices of dried meat, ham and hot spiced wine ... mmm! Mulled wine, by the way, can be non-alcoholic, so the reluctance to drink is not a reason to deny yourself pleasure.

And in order not to be bored at the table, here is a selection of chic jokes for you, you will slack off for the whole company and announce the neighborhood with explosive laughter.

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