The web is discussing the trailer of the Russian version of "Doctor House"

Alexey Serebryakov played the role of the lame doctor House, Anna Mikhalkova played the role of the sexy Lisa Cuddy, instead of Princeton-Plainsboro, the city clinical hospital No. 100. No, it’s not we who overheated, the trailer for the Russian TV series Dr. House appeared on YouTube which was renamed "Dr. Richter." The series will be released on television in the fall, but we can appreciate the minute video in which the team of doctors takes on the most complex medical cases and treats patients with the most confusing diagnoses.

Trailer "Dr. Richter" caused mixed impressions. Under the video on YouTube, completely critical comments like "They are shooting, but I am ashamed of" or "This trailer is dangerous for the eyes." We would advise not to rush to judge the trailer until the premiere of the series. Still, Dr. House is long over, and Richter has at least one obvious advantage: a lame genius has become sexy.

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