The perfect pot - what is it?

The pot is sometimes called the queen or queen of the kitchen. And this is no accident, because it is in her housewives who cook soups, boil vegetables, cook compotes, stew something. In general, such a subject should be in the arsenal of any woman, regardless of her status and hobby (everyone wants to eat). But how to make a choice?

The design is different

What is the pot made of?

To date, there are plenty of options. If earlier it was possible to purchase only aluminum, cast iron or enameled pans, then today the material can be more modern and high-tech. We list the main options:

  1. Aluminum pan was in the kitchen of every Soviet woman about thirty years ago. It is very light, does not require special care. The water in it heats up quickly, which is very important for some. But due to the small thickness of the walls, the saucepan can deform, bend. The food in it often burns, such material does not tolerate acid and alkaline compositions. But it is very cheap.
  2. Stainless steel is very, very popular today.Still, such a material has a lot of undeniable advantages: durability, durability, practicality, ease of care, resistance to any substances, the ability to use on any type of stove and even in the oven, slow cooling of food due to good heat capacity. But this item will not be cheap.
  3. Refractory glass is an excellent modern material that allows you to maintain the natural taste of products. Food practically does not stick to the bottom, it is easy to wash, special care is not required. But such a pan does not fit, for example, for an induction cooker. In addition, the material is quite fragile, which shortens the service life.
  4. Ceramic pan has almost the same characteristics as the glass pan. If you want to keep the maximum taste and benefits of the dishes, then certainly buy such an item. But be careful, because to break this thing is very easy. In addition, this option is also not suitable for induction cookers.
  5. Cast iron is unpopular today. Yes, such dishes keep warm. It is convenient to stew meat or vegetables for a long time. But the cast iron is very heavy. Moreover, surprisingly, because of the porous structure, this material can be called fragile, so dropping the thing,you run the risk of parting with her forever.
  6. Porcelain is very expensive and impractical. The pot is very fragile, albeit beautiful. Not the best option for permanent or frequent use.
  7. Teflon coated pots are very popular today, since the food does not burn in them, it is easy to wash them. But such material requires special care. First, you need to buy wooden or Teflon spoons and spatulas for stirring, since ordinary metal scratches the surface (the coating is quite fragile). Secondly, it is absolutely impossible to wash an object with a sponge with an abrasive coating! But if you provide the right care, the thing will last a long time. Otherwise, it will have to be thrown away.
  8. Enamel saucepan will cost inexpensive. In addition, it is possible to cook and store any food (thanks to the enamel coating). But in the process of cooking food can burn. And the enamel is fragile, so that gradually it can begin to scratch, and then break off, which will lead to the unfitness of the object.

Each listed option has its drawbacks and pros, so consider your particular case and make the right decision.

Size matters

If you are wondering how to choose the right pot and do not miscalculate, then you should immediately determine its size. So, if you have a large family, and you have to cook a lot, then the best option is a large saucepan with a volume of at least 5 liters.

If the family is small, it is enough and 3 liters. And if you can not decide, or the volumes of dishes are different, then get a set of several pots of different volumes. In such a case it will be superfluous.

Quality comes first

By the way, pay attention to other parameters. So, the pan can be quite high. If you have a not very big refrigerator, then this option will not work. It is better to buy a small saucepan with a bigger diameter. By the way, soups and other dishes in it will be much more convenient to interfere.

And what is your plate?

This also matters. The fact is that new generations of stoves imply not only heating due to gas, as we are used to. For example, electric and induction cookers require special dishes, not every pan can be used. In addition, if you plan to use this kitchen item and in the oven, then find out if it is possible.

Pans love grooming!

If you chose a pot, then learn how to use it, how to wash it.The fact is that some pots do not tolerate certain substances and components of the products. And others can not be cleaned with abrasive sponges and brushes. So find out everything in advance in the store, so you do not regret.

Glass version

Pay attention to details.

If you want to choose the ideal option, then by all means pay attention to the details, they are very important. Here are some of them:

  • Bottom. It should be pretty thick. So, the most optimal thickness is 5 millimeters. In this situation, the food will not burn, because it will be cooked on a heated surface. But with a thin day, the fire will heat up the material too much, because of what the burning can not be avoided.
  • Some pans have a thermal sensor that shows the degree of heating and the temperature inside. But, as practice shows, such pans require special care. Sensors need to be taken at certain times, which is not always convenient. Yes, and such dishes will cost much more. Not the most necessary function, in general.
  • But the measuring scale can be very useful and convenient. In some recipes, for example, the exact volume of liquid is indicated, so that the scale will help to determine it without problems.And the price with such a function does not increase too much.
  • The walls may have a smaller thickness than the bottom, but not less than 1 millimeter. So the pan will not heat up too quickly, but at the same time the food in it will not cool immediately. But the edges should be thickened. In addition, it will not be out of place to have a recess for the lid, which, in addition, will partially protect against runaway.
  • The lid should fit snugly to the pan. It will be great if the holder does not get very hot so that you can take it without tacks and mittens. And some covers have a hole, which is sometimes very convenient.
  • Pan handles are attached either with rivets or welded. So, the second option is more practical and reliable.

Where can I buy?

Of course, it is better to go to a specialized store for such a thing, so you can protect yourself from poor quality and examine the subject "live". But if there is not much time, you can make a purchase in the online store. Today, this way of shopping is becoming increasingly popular.

But give preference only to trusted sites. Contact information should be available on the webpage.Do not be lazy, call the number, specify what you answer. In addition, read reviews.

Successful and useful purchases to you!

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