The network discusses the touching video with Prince Harry

5.5 million views on YouTube in just one day and about 1,000 comments in the spirit of "how cute," "charming," "what a charming" ... A video where Prince Harry watches a baseball game in the framework of the Invictus Games sports competitions is really possible call the most touching video of this year. It’s all about the prince’s neighbor in the rostrum - two-year-old Emily Hanson, the Paralympic daughter and former Invictus Games participant James Hanson. The baby was attracted by popcorn, which crunched Harry, and while he watched the game, the girl began to quietly lower her hand in the prince's bucket. Soon, Harry noticed that he was not eating popcorn alone. How did he react? It is better to see once! We can only say that now we know, for what Megan Markle fell in love with this red-haired guy - how can you not love him ?!

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