The name of the future heir is not easy to pick up. Read useful tips!

The birth of a son is the most important event for most men. The future heir, the new carrier of the father’s surname. Therefore, the choice of his name from the most ancient times is approached with special attention and care.

How to choose a name for a boy by month of birth or church calendar

Before choosing a name for a boy, it should be understood that in the future he himself will most likely become the father. Therefore, you should choose such options so that his unborn child has a simple and beautiful patronymic in pronunciation. Sometimes parents choose unusual names for boys who are rarely used or atypical in a given national environment. Therefore, think, will your grandson and patronymic Adolfovich, Angelovna or Karlsovich in the future be good?

How to pick a name for a boy?

Choosing a name for your son, do not forget that it will be bundled with the middle name. Therefore, follow a few simple tips.

Do not stop at the options in memory of any date, event. You also need to give up unrealistic names (Dart, Google). It is better to abandon the idea of ​​naming a son in honor of close relatives or his father. Be careful with female-male names, their combination with a surname in a certain case does not allow revealing gender.

How to choose a name for a boy by month of birth or church calendar

Children in the yard often give each other offensive and not very nicknames. Try to analyze diminutive versions of the future name of the son in order to protect your child from possible insults as much as possible.

Try to find out more about the origin of the chosen name. Sometimes this knowledge can bring unexpected surprises. In addition, going through the options, choose those that have a soft (various abbreviations) and a formal form.

The name of the boy in the church calendar

This method is used most often, because there are quite a few options for each month.

  • January: Peter, Constantine, Theodosius, Nicanor, Grisha, Philip, Nikolay, Georgy, Athanasius, Prokop.
  • February: Yura, Valentin, Akim, Dima, Vasya, Arkady, Victor, Arseny, Maxim.
  • March: Rostislav, Grigory, Rostislav, Mikhail, Makar, Yakov, Kuzma, Peter, Daniel, Roman,Taras, Pavel, Efim.
  • April: Yuri, Maxim, Vasily, Makar, Andrei, Semyon, Mark, Artyom, Georgy, Yakov, Nikita.
  • How to choose a name for a boy by month of birth or church calendar

  • May: Boris, Anatoly, Konstantin, Fedor, Grigory, Ignat, Leonty, Alexey, Ivan, Anton.
  • June: Carp, Arseny, Jan, Grigory, Semyon, Nikita, Gennady, Vasily, Fedor, Dmitry, Sergey, Andrey.
  • July: Gleb, Misha, Stanislav, Innocent, Fedot, Sergey, Ivan, Denis, Matvey, Vasily, Pavel.
  • August: Alexey, Maxim, Nikolay, Herman, David, Stepan, Boris, Trofim. Alexander, Ilya, Kuzma, Klimentiy, Roma.
  • How to choose a name for a boy by month of birth or church calendar

  • September: Sergey, Khariton, Julian, Makar, Alexander, Ivan, Peter, Nikita, Grigory, Yakov, Timofey.
  • October: Dima, Oleg, Yerofey, Ignat, Stepan, Kostya, Vladimir, Veniamin, Andrey, Yerofey.
  • November: Michael, Kirill, Yegor, Stepan, Victor, Heraclius, Kuzma, Artyom.
  • December: Nikolay, Afanasy, Makar, Alexey, Naum, Zakhar, Vasily, Grigory, Anatoly, Plato.

You can get acquainted in full with the names of the boys according to the Orthodox calendar on numerous resources on the Internet or from a church minister.

If you decide to choose the name of the boy in the Slavic style, then it should be remembered that each of them bore a certain meaning, which will be a prerequisite for the development of certain character traits.But still the development of a son as an individual depends only on the upbringing that his father and mother will give him.

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