The most famous cat monuments

Love for pets is truly limitless. And if people mainly put monuments for special merits, the cats deserve it with their devotion and caress. Such sculptures are scattered around the world, and today we will tell you about the most famous of them.

Mustache-striped heroes

  • Elisha and Vasilisa (Russia, St. Petersburg). They are one of the most unusual monuments of St. Petersburg, located on Malaya Sadovaya Street opposite each other. These are not just animal figures, they are the memory of the difficult times of the Leningrad blockade during the war. Because of the widespread hunger, the inhabitants were forced to eat even stray cats, and therefore very soon flocks of huge rats flooded the city. Then a whole wagon of furry pets was brought from the Yaroslavl region, which saved the last supplies of provisions.
  • Trim Cat (Sydney, Australia). This mustachioed pet is known primarily for being a faithful assistant to the explorer Captain Matthew Flinders.It was with him that the favorite spent years traveling and became the pioneer of the Australian continent.
  • Cat Botero (Barcelona, ​​Italy). For more than a decade, this sculpture moved from place to place, and only in 2003, local authorities finally found a final shelter for her. Local residents even joked that Botero has not been able to find his home for a year. It is about the size of a small summer house, and hypertrophied proportions allow a person to quietly pass under his body. The author of this creation is the Colombian artist Fernando Botero, after whom the cat was named. By the way, another sculpture from this series is in Yerevan, and it cost the family of local businessmen $ 1 million.
  • Cat Panteleimon (Kiev, Ukraine). The sculpture, which has one of the most touching stories. Pantyusha, the so-called pet visitors of a local restaurant, is a real character. He often visited guests for dinner, and was always unobtrusive and kind, for which he often received the most tidbits. Over time, Panteleimon became a kind of talisman institution. But, unfortunately, during a fire in a restaurant, the cat died.Devoted visitors, imbued with misfortune, decided to perpetuate this dear friend by erecting a monument for him.
  • Cat Towser (England). On the territory of one of the factories producing strong alcoholic beverages, stands a monument to the heroine cat. And all because in her life Tauser caught more than 30 thousand mice and even got into the Guinness Book of Records.

Artistic characters

But besides real heroes, there are monuments in the world not less well-known animated and film characters, as well as characters from books.

  • Cat scientist. There are about a dozen similar sculptures throughout Russia. But in this list, a monument of honor takes place on the Gelendzhik embankment. Wise with experience and knowledge, the pet appears before tourists with glasses and a mantle. In one hand he has a book, and the other, holding up his index finger, as if he calls for silence and attention. The sculpture is located near a huge oak tree, under which, of course, the well-known “golden chain” was placed.
  • Monument to homeless animals. Unfortunately, not all pets get loving owners, and, arriving in Germany (Braunschweig), you can see the monument, which is dedicated to "roving residents of the streets."On it in different poses cats froze. The sculptor so realistically managed to make the composition, that, considering it near, it seems that the animals are about to zamyukayut. You can feel it even through the photo.
  • Yoshkin cat. Many, probably, thought about what this animal, often mentioned in folk speech, represents. Now you can see it in Yoshkar-Ola. Valeriously sitting on the bench cat smiles cunningly and has long been a symbol of successful passing exams for students who often come to rub his nose.
  • The "heroine" of Mark Twain. Everyone remembers how the characters of the writer - Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn - decided to get rid of the warts with the help of a dead cat. It was she who was held in the hands of little boys, immortalized in sculpture on the banks of the Mississippi River (USA).

Cute, fluffy seals bring a lot of affection and love into our lives, becoming loyal friends for life. And in return they require only attention and something tasty.

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