The girl shared a very valuable lipstick trick.

Every woman loves bright lipsticks, but not everyone uses them because of different circumstances: they do not allow her at work, her husband thinks her color is too provocative, and maybe just not enough time to even make up or lipstick is quickly "eaten up." But let's still discard all these reasons and allow ourselves to be bright and beautiful! At least on weekends. But here there is a number of problems - how to kiss with your beloved, so as not to leave a trail of bright lipstick on his face? And how not to stain clothes or cutlery? The girl you see in this video shared a valuable secret. For this trick, you will only need a piece of dry napkin and powder. And what to do next - watch the video. Now you have nothing to fear! Your lipstick will stick to your lips staunchly and will not stain anything.

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