"Arnold's feat", or How to deal with complexes correctly

So, young Arnie, having come to the rocking-chair, made a typical mistake for amateurs: he very actively got involved in working through the torso, leaving his legs without attention. What once brought him to the idea of ​​this pernicious dissonance is unknown, but at one fine moment Arnold cut off all his training pants so that, in the hall, he could constantly see his own legs and remember the need to work on them.

This story, by the way, he himself set forth in his "Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding", which became a bible for bodybuilders from all over the world and to this day has not lost its relevance. Personally, this incident impressed me more than the description of body types, training programs, and other useful information for which this book was written. Just think: a person couldn’t give any meaning to such an annoying trifle and stay at the “basement” level for all his life.He could get upset and start by all means “hide unsuccessful legs”, since even a maxi is not required for a man for this purpose ... But he saw his lack and perceived it as an OBJECT OF WORK. And he achieved such results that the envious men seriously spread rumors about Schwarzenegger's "silicone" calf muscles! And the fact that this man decided to tell about his shortcomings and the mistakes of the army of admirers, of course, may not be a feat. But there is something heroic about it.

Publication by Arnold Schwarzenegger (@schwarzenegger)Mar 8, 2018 at 5:30 PST

At the most superficial (utilitarian) level, we get the following conclusion: you need to train in the gym in clothes that describe the figure well. No matter what size you wear. Because fitting / open suit, firstly, allows you to control the technique of the exercises, and secondly, you will notice the results for sure, and the robe does not contribute to these tasks.

But I see in the history of Arnold Schwarzenegger not only a manual, like calves to pump. She led me to serious thoughts about how we treat our shortcomings. It seems to me that we are often faint-hearted and childishly naive, believing that if one conceals or stubbornly denies some of its not very pleasant features, no one will notice.We either try to avoid situations that may reveal our terrible secrets, or try to hide fear under the bravado.

We either avoid swimming pools, beaches, gyms - in general, any hint of nakedness, if we are shy of our legs / thighs / abdomen / chest / her absence / general figure / her absence, or we stretch tiny T-shirts and skirts onto the “grown-up” figure from a past life, "sincerely believing that their size would lead someone astray

These children's fears make smart women do stupid things: to hide their age, weight, size of clothes and shoes ... Although it would seem, why? These are just numbers! I worked with one lady who was terribly afraid to admit how old she was, and she looked ten years younger than her “passport” age. So, two colleagues, dunce, knew that she would soon be 50 ... and congratulated on the Day of the elderly person! Do not argue, idiotic joke. But, in my opinion, the reason for this moronic trick was not age itself (I repeat, the lady is well-groomed, athletic - you can’t guess how old she really is), but it is her attitude to age as a problem.In other words, when we are obviously trying to hide something, it makes us vulnerable.

But an attempt to hide some shortcomings from others is not all. The most interesting thing is that we are afraid to admit to ourselves that something is wrong with us. This is worse. After all, as long as we do not admit to ourselves that we don’t like something in ourselves, this “dislike” will slow us down, not allowing us to develop. In my opinion, the essence of the "feat of Arnold" with his leg cut off was precisely that, in order to stop deceiving himself and invent flimsy otmazy. But here it is very easy to fall into self-blame and again not to get any sense. Agree, between the phrases "I have such terrible skinny legs!" And "The leg muscles are far behind the top!" A very big difference. The first statement can bring to neurosis, the second - is almost ready program of action.

I think you can put it this way: in describing the features of your appearance or personality that you don’t really like, it’s important to call things by their right names, but avoid evaluative formulations. By and large, you need to stop to regard their qualities as advantages or disadvantages ... This applies not only to appearance, but it is more and more obvious with it.But then there is a very interesting moment: when we told ourselves that we don’t like it, it is important to clearly answer ourselves: “Do I want to do something about it?”

Publication by Arnold Schwarzenegger (@schwarzenegger)Dec 25, 2017 at 8:41 am PST

The same Arnold worked hard calf muscles and too sloping shoulders, while he always liked to make fun of his "wooden" plasticity, heavy accent and complete absence of facial expressions, but this did not prevent either sports, acting or political career. Schwarzenegger managed to make this part of his image, a kind of calling card ...

I remember a conversation with a friend who retold an article about some Hollywood actress. The article began with the words: "Of course, she is not beautiful, and her nose is potatoes." So, my friend was genuinely indignant: “What kind of potatoes are they? Here I have - potatoes are like potatoes! ”At the same time, the girl enjoyed great success with the opposite sex. Do you understand what I mean? If you cannot change anything in yourself, turn it in your favor! After all, in the end, behind the "feat of Arnold" is a great love. To yourself. And boundless faith. In myself.

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