The fastest and surest way to clean the oven

The oven is probably one of the most vulnerable places in the kitchen. It is enough to at least once bake in her favorite chicken without a "sleeve", like fat on the walls and you will be provided with food. In the people there are many different ways to clean the oven from the burned fat. Today we look at one of them.

To clean the oven from fat, we need:

  • two metal or glass containers capable of withstanding high temperatures;
  • water;
  • 1 tbsp. ammonia.

Heat the oven to + 65 ... + 70º C. Pour the water into the prepared container and place it on the bottom section of the oven. Bring water to a boil. Turn off the oven and, without losing a minute, pour a glass of ammonia into another container, put it on the upper shelf of the oven and close the door. Thus, in the lower section we will have a container with boiling water, and in the upper section - with ammonia. Leave the oven closed for the night.

In the morning open the oven, remove from it containers, a pan and a grate and leave to be ventilated for half an hour.

In a container with ammonia, add 2 hours.spoons of dishwashing detergent and half a cup of warm water. Our solution is ready. Apply it on a sponge and wipe the contaminated surface. Your oven will shine clean again.


Do not bring to the extreme and do not let the fat accumulate for months. For example, immediately after the holidays or the arrival of guests (when the oven is used especially often), put a container of water mixed with dishwashing liquid in the oven, heat it to 100 degrees to soften the grease and burns, and then wipe the walls with a sponge for washing dishes.

Try to protect the oven from greasy spray using foil or baking paper when cooking fatty dishes.

Take a closer look at the oven models with the pyrolysis function. Such cabinets do not need to be washed, the remains of food and fat burn at high temperatures, when you turn on the self-cleaning function of the device. At this moment the door is locked and you cannot open the oven.

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