The effect of alcohol on the human body

The effect of alcohol on the human bodyThe harmful effects of alcohol on the human body are known to all. Many articles in periodicals, television programs, etc. are devoted to this topic. When we accidentally encounter such a broadcast, we usually switch to another channel, considering that this does not concern me. It is impossible to call alcoholism a few liters of beer drunk on a weekend with friends, or a bottle of vodka in the garage for a very modest snack, paid in for two with your godfather. Yes, it is not alcoholism, if not become permanent and everyday.


But, in any case, the influence of alcohol on the body is felt by any person who drinks alcohol. And the worst thing is that not one organism does not remain indifferent in the process of processing the consequences of a rich feast. And not only plentiful. And this participation has its own, far from the best consequences.


The effect of alcohol on the stomach and pancreas.



It is the digestive organs, the esophagus, the stomach and the pancreas, that are the first to suffer from alcohol.This effect consists in burns and tissue death, atrophy of the glands secreting gastric juice, and the death of cells that produce natural insulin. As a result of this, the process of absorption of nutrients, weak release of digestive enzymes, and stagnation of food in the stomach are disturbed.


It turns out that the effect of alcohol on the stomach is expressed by sharp pains in the abdomen, gastritis, pancreatitis, diabetes, an ulcer, and even stomach cancer.


The effect of alcohol on the heart.



The next organ, suffering from drinking alcohol, is the heart and the cardiovascular system. It is here that gets alcohol from the intestines and stomach. This is reflected in the destruction of red blood cells - red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body. The consequences will become especially noticeable already in 35 ... 40 years, even in a slightly drinking person. The probability of occurrence of an ischemic illness, an arrhythmia or an atherosclerosis is great.


The effect of alcohol on the heart can be expressed in violation of the regulation of blood sugar levels. He can, as a rise, and go down. And one and the other detrimental to health.Possible development of diabetes, impaired brain and nervous system, problems with blood vessels.The effect of alcohol on the human body


Even the excessive consumption of such a seemingly harmless drink, like beer, can lead to the formation of a bull heart (also called beer). At the same time the body significantly increases in size, the frequency of contractions increases. As a consequence of this - high blood pressure and arrhythmia. This problem is very serious, given the popularity of beer among modern youth.


The effect of alcohol on the liver.



The effect of alcohol on the liver is perhaps the most serious. It is there that the oxidation of ethyl alcohol to the state of dangerous and highly toxic acetaldehyde occurs. Yes, and the splitting of acetaldehyde itself is also extremely disastrous on the state of the liver.


Under the influence of alcohol, liver cells are destroyed, scars from dead tissue appear. These sites can not fully perform their functions. This leads to a metabolic disorder.


But the most famous disease caused by alcohol is cirrhosis of the liver. Under the influence of alcohol and its decomposition products, the liver shrinks and shrinks. This leads to squeezing of the blood vessels.The pressure rises, and the blood stagnates in the liver cells. As a result, the vessels do not stand up and burst. Bleeding occurs. Most often in such cases, doctors record the fact of the patient's death.


The effect of alcohol on the brain and nervous system.



It is believed that the brain receives the most severe damage from excessive consumption of alcohol. If the effect of alcohol on the body is not so obvious in all other organs in the initial stages, then the brain and nervous system suffer from the very first sip.


Why is this happening? It's all about the concentration of alcohol. In the brain, it is much higher than anywhere else. The effect of alcohol on the brain is particularly toxic. It is this influence that causes the state of intoxication, which is found to be innocuous, and at times romantic names - to relax, get drunk, forget, get rid of, etc.


In fact, everything is much sadder and more prosaic. The effect of alcohol on the brain lies in the extinction of certain areas of the gray matter, numbness or destruction of its cortex.


The brain of a drinking person looks wrinkled, reduced in volume, covered with sores and scars, with dilated or broken vessels.


It is not much easier to tolerate alcohol and the nervous system. There is a paralysis of the centers of mental poisoning. And as a result - problems with attention, memory, psyche, thinking, inadequate perception of the surrounding reality. And ultimately, the complete degradation of the individual and the emergence of alcohol dependence. Not to mention the possible fatal outcome. 1 ... 1.25 liters can lead to coma, from which people rarely leave.


The positive effect of alcohol.



But not everything is so sad. As a result of many studies, it was found that the positive effect of alcohol on the human body. But it is celebrated only under the condition of limited consumption of quality drinks.


Scientists have established that the beneficial effect of red wine on immunity. This drink normalizes metabolism in the body, prevents the occurrence of atherosclerosis, promotes the elimination of toxins and slags. Mulled wine supports the body for colds, bronchitis and pneumonia. Champagne and white wine “feed” the weakened nervous system. Vodka reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood.Beer slows down the aging process, reduces the likelihood of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, cancer, normalizes the cardiovascular system.The effect of alcohol on the human body


Scientists have even established boundary norms for safe consumption of alcoholic beverages without the adverse effect of alcohol on the human body. This is 20 grams of pure alcohol per day for men and 10 grams for women. This corresponds to 30 grams of vodka, 100 grams of wine or 300 grams of beer.


So, think before you open another bottle of hot drink. How much do you need it? Are safe drinking limits exceeded? Do not forget how bad the influence of alcohol on the human body.

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