The best-selling books of 2016 in Russia

If you think that reading on a vacation, do not miss the list of best-selling books in Russia, whichmade upForbes. The "Little Friend" Donna Tartt, Jonathan Franzen's "Infinite", John Boyne's "Boy on the Hill", Ann Tyler's "Coil of Blue Threads", "Tell Me About the Sea" by Elchin Safarli, "The lamp of Methuselah, or the Ultimate Battle of the Chekists with Freemasons ”by Viktor Pelevin,“ Aviator ”by Evgeny Vodolazkina,“ The Ecumenical Conspiracy ”by Tatyana Ustinova. In the first three, as one would expect, entirely bestsellers are the Harry Potter universe, the criminal world of Bombay and the past of Lou Clark.

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