The best ideas of Christmas costumes for the 2016 meeting

The coming of the New Year is always more and a joyful event, which is accompanied by the pre-holiday troubles, a special atmosphere and, of course, all sorts of preparations for a magical night.

No matter where you are going to celebrate this big holiday - in a family circle, in a club or with friends - in any situation you want to look good, especially since it is in the New Year that you can safely experiment with your image.

It is not without reason that fortune will accompany the whole next year if you carefully follow certain traditions when you celebrate the New Year: this applies to both the holiday table, home decoration, and your own appearance.

In addition, recently costumed New Year's parties have become extremely popular: adults and children dress up in the most interesting and sometimes even unexpected costumes to celebrate the old year and meet a new one.New Year's costumes are a very interesting and fun idea if you want to have fun and celebrate the holiday directly.

Even if you meet him in a family circle, it will be a good way to diversify a standard home-made feast, and you can even give a symbolic prize to its owner for the best costume! But then the question immediately arises: what would be such an interesting and unusual thing to come up with for your future image?

Some interesting ideas

The upcoming 2016 New Year is the time of the “reign” of the Fiery Red Monkey, as stated in the Eastern Chinese calendar. If you watch this animal, you can immediately see its active, restless and cheerful disposition, the monkeys love everything brilliant and are constantly in search of something new and interesting.

So, it is to the tastes of the mistress of the next year and you need to pick up your outfit! It is believed that 2016 should be met in clothes of red, burgundy or brown shades, always with the addition of gold accessories and jewelry.

So why not dress in a cute monkey outfit? This suit is suitable for both adults and a child at the matinee: usually it includes brown ears, a tail and a skirt (shorts) to match.By the way, such convenient services as “Rental of carnival costumes” have already existed for a long time, where for a certain fee you can take for one night exactly the costume that you like best.

And you don’t need to buy it at all, and then think about what to do after the holiday. If you don’t really like the idea with the mistress of the year, you can choose any other animal to your liking: cats, dogs, chanterelles, mice and others. By the way, it is the animal world that often becomes the basis for children's New Year's morning performances.

If you are going to a costume party, but you just can’t find the right outfit, then maybe you should turn to the subject of piracy? Seductive corsets and puffy skirts, wide hats embroidered with gold, and "cranial" theme - a great idea for a carnival party. Of course, it is difficult to cope with such a suit on your own, as an option, to order something similar through online stores.

If you go to a party with your soul mate, then the pair of pirate costume will look just stunning! The historical theme in costumes looks good at such events: maybe you like the costume of a lady of the court or the Egyptian queen? Or maybe you are inspired by mystical ideas - witches or vampires?

But, of course, the New Year is a holiday with its own special color, so it always has a dozen Snow Maidens, Grandfathers Frost and Snowmen at all parties - well, where can I go without them! All this can be easily picked up in the catalog of Christmas costumes. In any case, try to choose such a suit so that you feel not only beautiful, but also comfortable in it: it should not interfere with movement, but also require constant reconstruction (heavy wigs and hats that strive to pull off the head, fluffy skirts confused in the legs and so on).

How to choose a suit for a child?

Everything is simple here: after all, for a child the fact of a costume is already real magic. Quite small kids closer subject of animals, snowflakes and, of course, the symbol of the year. Older kids are already interested in feeling like adults: fairies, lush dresses of a princess, an animated hero or a favorite character.

You will be surprised, but not everyone dreams of being Rapunzel or Harry Potter, someone dreams of a classic dress coat with a butterfly, and someone feels like a cowboy or a ninja.

By the way, it is very good if you approach the creation of a New Year's costume creatively, attract the child to the process: for example, glue a dagger out of cardboard and foil or make a real pirate hat.Ask your child who he would like to visit this year, and, believe me, he will not get into his pocket for ideas! Good luck and good holidays!

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