The battery does not heat in the apartment: what to do?

Badly warms the battery in the apartment

You suddenly began to notice that the battery heats up poorly, the room warms poorly, does not give off enough heat? The reason for this problem is the same: hot water does not flow fully or partially into the heating radiator. Of course, a qualified master can quickly solve the problem, but is it worth it to immediately ring the bells? Perhaps to start to try to figure out yourself?

The battery does not warm well

It may seem trivial, but first it is worth checking whether there is hot water in the apartment, if the tap is not closed for its receipt. Perhaps the riser is temporarily closed due to an emergency or repair situation in one of the neighbors.

There are also frequent situations when the battery in the apartment does not heat up due to the fact that the occupants from the upper floor did not correctly install the valve on the radiator. Thus, the temperature in their apartment will be very comfortable, but people living below will be left without heat.

Unfortunately, unprofessional plumbing work often causes cold batteries in neighboring apartments.Keep in mind, you have a full civil right to apply to tenants on the floor above with a simple question: how are things with the heat in their house? In the case of their mistakes, utilities will certainly restore justice.

Badly warms the battery in the apartment

Why the battery does not warm: frequent causes

If the neighbors are okay, the riser is hot, and your house is still cold, then the problem is directly related to the radiator:

  1. The battery section is clogged. Scale, salt, rust and other impurities tend to be deposited on the inner walls of the sections. Passages for the coolant are drastically narrowed, and in such conditions normal circulation is impossible
  2. Single pipe system. Such a system has a fundamental flaw: long-distance batteries will be cold, until they are practically not heated
  3. Airlock. The air accumulated in the upper compartment of the radiator forms a kind of plug, almost completely paralyzing the circulation of the coolant. Characteristic is also the rapid appearance of corrosion in the "airy" places.
  4. Incorrect connection. Often, the batteries do not heat precisely because of inadequate handling when connected. If mistakes are made, only a part of the radiator will be active (eg bottom)
  5. Low pressureIf there is very little pressure in the central heating system, it means that the water circulation in the battery is weak. That is, the room receives much less heat than it is supposed to

Where to go if the batteries are not warm

If you can not solve the problem yourself, you should immediately contact the management company with a request for poor heating. Alternatively, you can call the dispatch service serving the house. But in this case it is better to record the date of the call and the personal data of the operator. As a rule, a caretaker technician (or company engineer) should appear on the same day to determine the problem. Having made control measurements of temperature, the technician will compose the act in two copies (the second for the owners). If complaints have grounds, in the near future the problem will be solved.

Badly warms the battery in the apartment

If the cause of the cold in the house really became a faulty radiator, you should contact the housing and communal services. The plumber must be obliged to come to you, determine the cause of the breakdown and eliminate it. In the event that neither of these services has been properly provided, there is a hotline. The operator on duty will take your complaint, explain the situation and tell you where to go next.

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