Ten most famous designers in Russia

The fashion world is both gorgeous and cruel. Not every novice designer is able to stay on the crest of a wave in an ocean of competition. But before those who manage to do this, the doors of fashion houses, modeling agencies, and the holy of holies - sewing shops open. It is in them that "new" collections are born.

Of course, everyone knows the fashion gurus whose names have become legends: Tom Ford (Gucci), Donatella Versace, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs. But Russia also has someone to be proud of, and today we present you the top 10 of the most popular and sought-after designers who are known not only in our homeland, but also in the whole world:

Vyacheslav Zaitsev.He rightly can be considered a pioneer of high fashion. Even as a teenager, he became interested in needlework and sewing, and even went to study at a technical school, where he mastered the profession of an artist in painting fabrics. And later received a higher education in Moscow.

His first experimental collection, in which funny and extravagant padded jackets were presented,light skirts and colored valenki, was the beginning of a great career. Although precisely because of her, Zaitsev was removed from high office.

But the photos taken by the French journalist soon saw the whole world, and the young designer was invited to Paris, where very soon he already represented his full collection.

In 1980, he had the honor to sew clothes for Soviet athletes for the Olympics, and in the 90s he collaborated with the famous cosmetics brand L’Oreal, developing the Marusya care line.

Zaitsev has numerous awards and recognition of the most famous fashion houses in the world, as well as the country's leadership. For more than half a century of work, he managed to create a huge number of collections of clothes, costumes for films, performances, as well as Russian pop stars.

Valentin Yudashkin. The designer received world fame after his debut show at the High Fashion Week in Paris (1991). One of the outfits after the runway show was even sent to the Louvre. First under the brand Valentin Yudashkin, women's and men's clothing was produced, and later there were shoes, jewelry, perfumes, glasses and even dishes.

Especially famous among the girls is his line of wedding dresses, one of which was chosen by Mila Jovovich for filming in the movie "Freaks".

Ulyana Sergeenko. In the fashion party, Ulyana first appeared as the wife of millionaire Daniil Khachaturov, and later became one of the trendsetters. Her first collection was released in 2011 and was highly appreciated by leading fashion critics. Light skirts in the floor of the flower color, astrakhan coats a la the USSR, dresses resembling school uniforms - all this caused unprecedented interest from a huge number of fashionistas all over Russia.

Having debuted at the High Fashion Week in Paris, Uliana Sergeenko was honored to participate in it more than once. By the way, world stars such as Dita Von Teese, Lady Gaga and singer Rita Ora wear dresses from her collections with pleasure.

Kira Plastinina. The brand under the same name was launched by Kira's father - famous businessman Sergey Plastinin. In 2007, the first boutique opened in Moscow where clothes for women were sold at quite reasonable prices. Subsequently, the brand began to actively move forward in America, and Kira became a famous young fashion designer not only in Russia, but throughout the world.

Over time, the girl decided to expand her target audience, and introduced the “adult” label LUBLU Kira Plastinina.

Igor Chapurin. His career began with a victory in the competition of young talents of the fashion house Nina Ricci in 1992. Over time, Igor opened his fashion house and the first boutique where it was possible to buy ready-to-wear clothes and haute couture, as well as accessories.

Today, clothes from Chapurin are in the closets of almost all domestic stars of show business and the first ladies of the country. The designer even created outfits for the finalists of the beauty contests “Miss Europe”, “Miss World” and “Miss Universe”.

Among the fans of his talent there are such famous people as supermodel Naomi Campbell, singer Tony Braxton and Beyonce.

Alena Akhmadullina. This woman, whom world fashion magazines annually recognize as the property of the Russian fashion industry, manages to combine in her collections femininity and courage, bordering on audacity. She loves the three-dimensional elements that make every thing unusual and stylish.

Clothing brand Alena Akhmadullina regularly appears on the pages of fashion magazines Vogue, Marie Claire, and among the admirers of the designer's talent is the singer Zemfira, Patricia Kaas, actress Eva Green, supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Elena Yarmak. Having a fur coat from the collection of this designer is a sign of excellent taste. In addition to fur products, fashion house Helen Yarmak also produces outerwear, accessories and jewelry.

Elena began to try herself as a fashion designer in the 90s, leaving her job at a cybernetic research institute. She ordered the sewing of the first collection at the Krasnaya Zarya factory, having introduced herself as a representative of a fictional Canadian company. But the sketches aroused such interest that even when the deception was revealed, things were nevertheless sewn.

Elegant clothes from Elena Yarmak are in the wardrobes of Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga.

Denis Simachev. Born into a family of hereditary soldiers, Denis decided to break all stereotypes about the need to continue the tradition, and began to develop clothing. Until 2000, when Simachev created his brand, he did not officially work anywhere.

After graduating from the Textile Academy in 1999, he almost immediately set about creating his own collection. His shirts, jackets and jeans were decorated with symbols of the Soviet era and Khokhloma painting, and instantly became popular.

When it came time to open a shop, Simachev decided to combine the useful with the pleasant, having made a bar on the first floor where all the avid Moscow party-goers began to gather, and on the second - a boutique.

Svetlana Takkori. For 15 years, Svetlana lived in Milan and was the official distributor of many fashion brands in Russia, and in 2013, Takkori launched her own brand.

In the debut collection you could see funny hats and volumetric warm scarves made by hand.

Now you can also buy sweaters and coats in Tak.ori boutiques.

Vika Gazinskaya. She is one of the most creative Russian designers. From the age of 16, she clearly defined her goal in life - to become a famous person in the fashion world, so much so that buyers look forward to each new collection.

To do this, Victoria graduated from the "costume design" faculty, won the young talent competitions several times, and went abroad to study. The result was several collections of clothing that had a stunning success.

Designer - very hard and difficult work. The path to the emergence of a new thing is thorny, starting from the idea, ending with tailoring, and creating a show for the show. But the grateful feedback from customers is fully repaying the effort. And then it becomes clear that all this was not in vain.

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