Ten most expensive teas in the world

If you like to arrange tea parties, you probably tried many different varieties of this fragrant drink. But you may simply not have enough money for some of them, as they are considered the most expensive in the whole world.

So, consider in detail the top 10 most expensive varieties of tea in the world as the cost increases:

  1. TienchiIt costs about one hundred and seventy dollars per kilogram, grows in the southwestern part of China and is collected exclusively in Yunnan province, therefore it is considered rare. But the drink is appreciated not only because of its origin: raw materials are obtained from the flowers of one of the varieties of ginseng, and they have numerous healing properties. Their roots have long been successfully used in alternative medicine for the treatment of dermatological diseases, insomnia, headaches and dizziness. It is also worth noting the detoxification properties that promote effective cleansing of the body. By the way, the shape of the flowers resemble small broccoli cabbage blossoms.And the name in Latin is “Panax notoginseng”, which translates roughly “I am treating everything”.
  2. Silver Tips ImperialMakaibari Tea Estate is produced and belongs to the Darjeeling variety, which is harvested in the province of the same name at the foot of the majestic Himalayan mountains at high altitudes - from 15-1.5 kilometers to 2.6 above sea level. Manor Makaibari - the oldest area in India, where the first tea factory. The company has expanded and still exists, specializing in the production of the most valuable organic teas, including the unique “Silver Tips Imperial”, which has an amazing specific shade and aroma. Patented is a variety that is harvested at full moon and interlaced with thin silver stripes. And the price for one kilogram is 400 dollars.
  3. GyokuroIt is positioned as non-shaded tea harvested using Sencha technology, but in fact it belongs to shaded varieties, because before the harvesting stage, the bushes close from the sun and remain in the shade for two weeks, which allows increasing the concentration of valuable amino acids. The name is translated into Russian as "precious dew," and cultivation is practiced only in one place - the Uji region. The smell and taste qualities are rich, characteristic for such a variety, and the shade is a gentle light green.It costs 1000 grams of finished raw materials about 650 US dollars.
  4. "Poo Poo"Puer varieties (Pu-Erh). This variety belongs to the category of fermented and has a multifaceted rich taste, which is gradually increasing, increases the value of tea. This species is made in the Chinese southern province of Yunnan. An ordinary person can confuse a drink with the most familiar tea, and only gourmets will appreciate its characteristics. But the uniqueness is attached by the fact that in appearance the most ordinary dry leaves are actually ... the feces of several families of insects that during their lifetime eat only this food. Farmers are looking for and tweezers carefully collect the excrement, which are then sold and brewed. It is believed that the finished drink perfectly tones and strengthens health. By the way, the variety was discovered by Chinese healers and presented to the emperor in the eighteenth century. And the price at the moment - a thousand dollars.
  5. Golden tea heads. It costs as much as 3 thousand dollars, and such a high price is due to several reasons. First, there are plants used for harvesting raw materials on one mountain.Secondly, the collection is carried out only once a year and on a single day. Thirdly, the upper parts of the tea trees are cut with special scissors made of gold. Further, the cut heads are dried under the sun's rays, stacked in containers and held there to separate the polyphenols. During storage, the raw material takes on a yellowish tint and subtle pleasant floral smell. Then the leaves are covered with gold in 24 carats, giving a special shimmer. Asian nations are confident that this metal has a beneficial effect on humans. But finding tea is not easy, it is sold in Singapore by the TWG Tea Company.
  6. «Tieguanyin"Named after the Buddhist goddess of mercy. The variety belongs to the category of oolongs (Oolong) and is a combination of semi-fermented green and black leaves. The elements are quite dense, crispy and hard, the taste is chestnut. For the first time, “Tieguanyin” was prepared in the 19th century before last in Fujian, and the technology is incredibly complex: the leaves after gathering are dried, then cooled and dried again with oxidation, then rolled up, fixed, dried again and fried for flavor.By the way, tea can be brewed seven times, and the taste will improve with each preparation. The cost of 1000 g - 3 thousand dollars.
  7. Narcissus Wuyi Oolong- retro tea with a story. A box with twenty kilograms of raw materials was put up for sale at the Hong Kong auction in 2013. And she is more than fifty years old: she was brought from China to Singapore in the 60s, then for a long time she passed from hand to hand and finally ended up in Hong Kong, where she was bought by a wealthy auctioneer. These are very rare leaves collected in Fujian on a high mountain. And the name was given in honor of the ancient Greek myths about Narcissus, admiring themselves. It is worth a kilo of 6,500 dollars.
  8. Panda Dung. The name of this exquisite tea is translated as "panda excrement", but do not think that the leaves are naturally recycled by these cute bears. Pandas eat wild bamboo, remove it (at the same time, up to 70% of useful components are stored in feces), and then this mass is used as a fertilizer for tea trees. And it all began simply: an entrepreneur from China, deciding to grow tea on a mountain, collected the waste products of pandas and fertilized bushes with them. Having tasted the tea, he noticed that his taste was especially rich.The businessman decided to use this feature to the maximum and began selling tea at 70,000 (!!!) dollars per kilogram. And some rich people are willing to pay for it.
  9. A bag of tea with inlaid diamonds produced"PG Tips". This series was released in honor of the anniversary of the company. Inside, there is an expensive “Silver Tips Imperial” tea, on the outside, a shell decorated with 280 diamonds of excellent quality, decorated by masters of a famous jewelry company. One copy costs 15 thousand dollars, but the company decided to use the money for charity.
  10. "Da-Hong Pao"can rightly be considered the tea emperor, because it is believed that he is a carefully kept secret of the dynasty of the Ming rulers. The name is translated as “big red mantle”, and there is an opinion that the Emperor's mom that was very sick was cured by the unique drink in question. The ruler sent people to search for a medicinal plant, and those on Wuyi Mountain in China found four bushes, and 3 exist in our time. This is not just a unique and incredibly useful tea, but also a real cultural heritage of the country: it is unrealistic to meet it and buy it, but you can try it, being a guest of honor.Raw materials are estimated at 1.2 million dollars per kilogram!

These were the most expensive teas of the planet. Would you like to try one of these varieties?

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