Technology of brewing samogon from birch sap

Moonshine is a home-made product, which is obtained by distilling mash. (Recipe braga read here). Traditional recipes involve the use of sugar and yeast as a raw material for the mash, the strength and purity of moonshine depends on the ratio of these ingredients. However, as vegetable yeast, grape or fruit is often used. In northern latitudes, home brew is placed on birch sap, which is harvested during the spring sap flow.

Production of moonshine from home brew on birch sap at home

After the mash stops playing, it is poured into a special container equipped with moonshine. It must be tightly closed and the entire volume of the mash is brought to a boil. The resulting steam gets through the tube into a special glass "refrigerator", through which cold water circulates from the water supply system and condenses on the refrigerator, and then flows down the tube into the supplied container.

The craftsmen will improve this process, re-equip the pressure cooker under the moonshine, use various devices to accelerate the distillation. The first portions of moonshine are considered the cleanest and have a high strength (up to 90 degrees). The closer the end of the process, the less strong the moonshine is, the more fusel oils it concentrates.

That is why at the end of the distillation process it is recommended to clean the resulting alcoholic beverage from unnecessary impurities.

Ways to clean the moonshine on birch sap

  1. Cleaning with coconut or charcoal.

    Coal consumption is very economical: 30 grams of wood and 10 grams of coconut coal are needed for 1 liter of moonshine. We pour coal through a funnel into a bottle of moonshine. The drink should stand. Then gently pour the moonshine through the tube from the medical system into another container, filtering the product through a cotton wool or filter paper.

  2. Cleaning with raw eggs
    A raw beaten egg is poured into a bottle of birch moonshine and settled, then removed from the sediment, which is formed as a result of the reaction of eggs with fusel oils.
  3. Cleaning through bread
    In the old days, the resulting moonshine for cleaning was filtered through a cork of rye bread, which due to its porosity absorbed all harmful impurities.

Moonshine on birch juice is popular and easy to prepare. In the series of alcoholic beverages, it is not inferior to the best brands of bread vodka. At home, it is possible to insist the resulting home-brew on oak bark, which refines the drink. You can add lemon or orange peel, walnut partitions - all of these additives will give a pleasant aroma and improve the taste and color of the drink.

Technology of brewing samogon from birch sap

Why is birch sap useful?

Birch sap is a very valuable natural product, contains a lot of useful substances that have a tonic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic effect. It is rich in vitamins, organic acids and is used not only in the dietary system, but also during cosmetic procedures, in the process of hair and skin care.

Birch sap is shown in avitaminosis and during the recovery of the body after intense exercise. It can be used with any diet. However, caution should be drunk for people suffering from urolithiasis, since the strong diuretic action of this life-giving elixir is widely known.After collecting birch sap canned on an industrial scale and sent to the commercial network.

Technology of brewing samogon from birch sap

Everyone can organize the collection of birch sap on their own, it is enough just to make a hole in the tree trunk and insert a cocktail tube through which moisture will get into the substituted container.

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