Tbilisi - the city that will conquer you

Recently, Georgia has become one of the most attractive holiday destinations for tourists from all over the world. Beautiful landscapes, incredibly delicious cuisine and local flavor will surely give you an unforgettable experience. The capital of the country - Tbilisi is a bright and special city with a rich history, harmoniously combining historical monuments with modern skyscrapers. To it already more than 1550 years, it has been completely destroyed some times, but again and again was revived from ruins.

Tbilisi is divided into two parts - the Old and New Town. Locals say that you can discover all the old secrets, see the real life of Georgians and understand their true soul only in the Old Town - narrow streets, neat houses, old churches and friendly hosts, who are always welcome guests. There is something to see here, and a lot of things just need to be felt.

Where to stay?

There are no problems with accommodation for tourists in the capital of Georgia. If you are not looking for something special and expensive, then you can easily rent a hotel room for 60 lari.Walking around the center you can also notice hostels, where they will charge you 15 lari and provide you with a comfortable bed. In addition, in the morning you can have a free snack and use wi-fi.

What is a must visit?

Anyone who has been on holiday in the capital of Georgia, one will tell you for sure - here you have to get acquainted with people. They are pleasant, funny and always ready to help. If you are looking for truly beautiful and interesting places for excursions, be sure to visit:

Historical places

  1. First of all, you need to see the fortress of Narikala, which is considered the heart of the city. It was built in the 4th century AD, but at the beginning of the 19th century. an earthquake severely destroyed it, and from that time the fortress was never restored.
  2. The Zion Cathedral is a special place for Orthodox Georgians. It is located on the banks of the Kura River and has 15 centuries.
  3. Monastery. Betania is located near the capital and is one of the most beautiful monuments of architecture of Georgia. It began to operate in the 11th century, and still unites monks from all over the country.
  4. Ethnographical museum. It can be found on Turtle Mountain, and it is interesting because under the open sky the Georgians recreated about a hundred houses, typical of various parts of the country. There you can see a lot of household items.

Recreational facilities

  1. Prospect Shota Rustaveli. One of the most popular places for walking in the city. For those who managed to visit it back in Soviet times, I’ll recall that it was on this avenue that you could make an evening promenade, enjoying lemonade and fragrant khachapuri. This place still has a school where many famous people of Georgia studied. Now on the avenue there are many cozy cafes and expensive restaurants, but the sale of memorable souvenirs and various objects of creativity, accessible to everyone, has been preserved for a long time.
  2. The Bridge of Peace is a modern marvel of architecture that appeared in 2010. Such an architectural idea was created not just like that, but with a deep meaning - in order to combine, thus, Old and New Tbilisi. Its unusual shape looks particularly advantageous in the evening when the whole bridge begins to shine with lights.
  3. Abanotubani. Just in the center of the capital you can visit the bath, and not simple, but sulfuric. They appeared in this place 15 centuries ago, and still receive visitors for the purpose of recovery.
  4. Botanical Garden. This picturesque place is located in the heart of the Georgian capital.All sorts of plants, breathtaking landscapes and clean air will provide an opportunity to relax from the bustle of the city.
  5. Flea markets. The most famous of them - "Deserter" and "Dry Bridge". At Deserter you can buy inexpensive clothes and fresh vegetables / fruits. Consider that the sellers and their scales have been rumored here for a long time. So do not be surprised if instead of 2 kilograms of delicacies, you will have 500 grams less in the package. But the prices for products here are the lowest in Tbilisi.

You can buy antiques and souvenirs at the Dry Bridge market. Bargaining is always appropriate, and among the various “junk shop” you can often find unique handmade items with a long history.

Children will not be bored

If you go on vacation with the whole family, it will not be superfluous to know where to reduce your children. Fortunately, in the capital of Georgia this was taken care of for a long time.

  1. Park Rike. This is a modern holiday destination for children and adults. Here you can see the singing fountains, take a ride on the segway and take a photo near the huge chess pieces, the height of human growth.
  2. Park Mtatsminda. This is where there really is something to do for children of any age. Attractions, a ferris wheel and many unusual fairy sculptures and heroes of famous works.In the meantime, the kids will be entertained, parents will be able to admire the beauty of the city from a height, because the park is located on a hill.
  3. Puppet Museum. This is a place where children need to go and adults. It contains various dolls from around the world, ranging from ordinary toys to original figures of Indian tribes.

Choosing gifts

After seeing the local sights, it's time to think and gifts. Their variety often plunges into a state of confusion, but the Georgians themselves can tell you what to bring with you.

  1. Wine. In Georgia, it is considered not just an alcoholic drink, but a real national treasure. After all, the history of its manufacture has exactly the same time as the country itself. It is best to buy wine from local residents. Georgians often drink white dry, and what we call red is actually pink. But red wine in Georgia is called “black”, it is recommended to take it in limited quantities as a medicine.
  2. Cheese. It is impossible to imagine Georgia without cheese. It is advised to buy it in special shops, where you will be surely told how and what it is made of, and, of course, will give you a try.
  3. Sweet. If you did not try baklava, churchkhela and marshmallow, you were not in Tbilisi.Their huge plus is that such products are not only tasty, but also useful, and also easily transferred to your home.
  4. Spice. That's really who knows in this sense, so it's Georgians. In the market you will find huge layouts with these fragrant seasonings. Those who love to cook, you must purchase Svan salt - a universal seasoning, which can be added to almost any dish.
  5. Silver. One of the most popular Georgian souvenirs is silver. Jewelers here know a special technique for its processing, but each product will necessarily carry a distinctiveness in combination with modern fashion trends.

Tbilisi is not for nothing called a cozy and warm city, because its name is consonant with the Georgian word "tbili," meaning warm. It is really very interesting here, and the locals always greet new tourists with a smile, who return to Georgia again and again.

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