Tattoo history: 100 years in 3 minutes

Did you know that the fashion for tattoos is no less capricious than bangs or, say, shoes? .. The American magazine Allure traced the history of drawings through decades and recreated the most popular with a flash tattoo. From the three-minute video you can find out that 100 years ago the bravest decorated the body with images of an eagle, in the war years the girls supported the soldiers with temporary tattoos in the form of stripes, in the 50s birds and butterflies appeared on their hands, the 60s brought the passion for the East and tattoos a dragon on his back, in the 70s clients of salons were asked to draw neat hearts in the decollete area, in the 80s tattoos became so popular that they were trying to make them on the most open parts of the body (on the shoulder or on the lower back, as in the 90s) . In the 2000s, inscriptions became fashionable, and in 2010 the tattoo moved to hard-to-reach places (in the mouth on the lower lip, for example, like Miley Cyrus).

Well, the season of the open parts of the body is approaching, and with the help of a flash tattoo you can experiment with all the options, and then remove the drawing with the help of any oil or alcohol product.

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