Suppressed: Rudova showed a steeper figure than Kardashian’s

This is the body!

Natalya Rudova all summer showed off to her subscribers photos in a bathing suit. But recently, such pictures of followers have ceased to impress. Natalia was too carried away by the rest and forgot about the gym. Therefore, in the last photo she showed no longer such an ideal figure as before.

Subscribers began to hint to the actress that it would be time to return to the previous form. And to the credit of Natalia, she followed this advice and literally ran into the hall, about which she reported to the fans.

“You asked, I took it off. What approximately my training consists of: 10 minutes of cardio (warm-up), stretch, strength - 1 hour, cardio on an ellipse - 1 hour. Today, training was on the back of the thigh and ass. Almost all exercises are done in three sets 15/18/20 times. And as my trainer said: “This is the only place to be tolerated. Nowhere else. " I do trainings 3 times a week, ”shared Rudova.

And here is the result! In the last photo, the actress showed forms no worse than that of Kardashian. What is there - much better. At least that's what our star fans decided.

Natalya Rudova
Natalya Rudova
Photo: @rudovanata
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian
Photo: @kimkardashian

And to be honest, everyone knows that the figure of Kim is a merit of not only Mother Nature and the personal trainer of a celebrity, but also of the personal retoucher Kim, who very carefully processes all her photos. In the rare neotofotoshoplennyh frames Kardashian seems not so perfect.

For example, recently the paparazzi caught Kim, when she was resting with friends. And what did the fans see? Very massive hips, plump (and not so long) legs and waist are much wider than in her personal photos.

But Rudova in excessive love for retouching has never been noticed. On the contrary, Natalia stands for naturalness, and does not hesitate to drawbacks. In fairness it should be noted that the 35-year-old actress has practically no such flaws.

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