Summer riot of colors and greens

In the garden, you can pick plants to achieve continuous flowering. The central place you can take a flower bed with decorative poppies, despite the fact that the scarlet fire blazes only about a week. Many have their groups in the center or in the background - then at the end of flowering fading foliage is not visible.

However, there is another option - when the plants are completely dry, cut them at the root and plant annual phloxes at this place. The green sprouts of poppies that hatch by autumn for the winter slightly cover and await new flowering. In the front garden look great bells, which delight lush flowering until late autumn. The secret is simple: update the plant every two years, slicing young cuttings. Throw away the old uterine bush. The stalk is treated in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, then rooted in water. From the fancy eyeliner make on the sunny side a wide mixborder along the path. In the penumbra will take root peonies, which turned out to be good companions for strawberries.A variety of forms of leaves and inflorescences, as well as a combination of several shades of green will give the garden-floral corner of the garden a special charm. In the shade under the fence, you can make rabatku from undersized conifers, ferns and host. This composition will not only make the garden, but also gives it a noble, strict look.

Clinging to each other, vines form a thick screen that protects from the hot southern sun.

Shorten the shoots of soil-cover plants of Budra, Zelenchuk, Vinca - first, if they behave aggressively, you will return them to the allotted frame; secondly, it stimulates more fluffy branching. Also for the compactness of the bushes and more abundant flowering next season you can half-trim the pink and pinnate carnation, sedums, shave, and splinter - almost completely. At the Korean chrysanthemum, pinch the tops so that on the side shoots by the autumn buds are formed, which will extend their flowering period.

For a walk through the garden, lay out the route linking the garden compositions together, revealing the garden paintings one after another in a certain sequence, this is a kind of “house” of green rooms in the garden.

Creating a garden design, most often start with functionality, zoning, solving other planning issues, and color is selected at the very end. When we enter a living garden, the first perception is visual, or visual. And so it is precisely the qualitatively chosen combination of the shape and color of the plants in the garden that becomes the highlight of the whole project and makes it unique and perfectly balanced for the perception of a person.

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