Stylish ombre effect on lips

Almost every girl who, at least minimally follows the fashion trends and trends in the beauty sphere, is familiar with the effect of ombre - a technique that many fashionable women used on hair, nails and even in clothes.

If you thought that such a bright and unusual trend gradually diminishes, then you are greatly mistaken: the passion for the ombre effect, which is characterized by a smooth transition of colors, remains at the peak of popularity, only now it is transferred to the lips.

The debut of this trend can be considered a fashion show Prabal Gurung, which took place in the winter of 2012. All the models on the show looked like they drank dark wine, ate blueberries and then forgot to wash.

Such a non-standard solution to many beauty experts had a heartbeat, with the result that in the following autumn shows most fashion houses picked up another trend: models with the ombre effect on the lips from houses Gucci, Nina Ricci, Dior and many others.

The colors used in the gradient effect will play on your lips in a new way, emphasize their dignity and, if desired, hide the flaws.Using ombre, you can achieve a larger volume or, on the contrary, to reduce lips that are too full.

What do makeup artists advise?

How to make this makeup without visiting a professional makeup artist? In fact, everything is very simple, the main thing is to follow the basic recommendations and a few simple rules for applying lipstick.

You should also understand that the effect of an ombre is bright and somewhere even theatrical, which means that it may not look appropriate in everyday fashion, but is ideal for parties or unusual photo shoots. Before you decide on something like that, carefully study the photos of models, choose the option you like, and then start creating.

What do we need?

  • Pencil or liner (dark or light, depending on the chosen style).
  • Lipstick. As you understand, there should be several of them and, for obtaining a harmonious effect, they should be well combined with each other. Usually colors are chosen that stand side by side on the color wheel, often one color is saturated, and the second is closer to the natural one, although variations are different.
  • Loose powder.
  • Lip scrub or a regular toothbrush.
  • Transparent lip gloss and cotton swabs.

In order to make-up lay smoothly and gently, the lips must first be prepared: to do this, they must be cleaned from the stratum corneum with a scrub or a toothbrush to hold an exfoliating massage.

If you feel that the skin on the lips is too dry, then first apply a moisturizer or a special oil. And now you can move on to the make-up. There are several options, the most common among which we will consider.

Horizontal effect with visual lip reduction

For such an option, you need to apply a light liner along the contour, then use a soft brush to shade it on the surface of the lips evenly to the center. Next, apply a light shade of lipstick, make sure that it does not touch the inner line and the center of the lip, remove excess areas with a tissue.

Dark lipstick is applied to the center, smoothly stretches the color in both directions, it will be more convenient to do this with a brush, achieve a soft transition with the help of a spirit of shades. To makeup is not smeared, use a light layer of powder, which will fix all the layers.Glitter can be used to add shine.

Horizontal effect with a visual increase in the lips

The sequence of actions remains the same, only a dark liner is applied to the lip contour, it is also necessary to shade it and carefully paint over it with a dark shade of lipstick. The center is stained with light shades, and the border is shaded with a brush. From above - powder and shine. As you can see, everything is simple and very beautiful!

In addition to horizontal technology, there is a vertical effect, however, it is more suitable for photo sessions or some specific cases, since the result is very unusual. The principle remains the same, only the direction of deposition of funds changes. And do not forget that the main thing in the whole ombre technique is the softness and smoothness of the transitions, too much contrasting color leaps should be avoided.

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