Style avant-garde - a daring solution for your interior

The design of housing is his face. And if you want your apartment to look stylish and bright, then use the original style to decorate it. This is exactly the avant-garde.

What is this style?

Avant-garde is a modern, bright, youthful and creative style that is opposed to classics, restraint and traditional views. By the way, the name is French and looks like "avant-garde", and it is translated literally as "advanced detachment".

The direction appeared in the first half of the last century and was originally a kind of rethinking of the art that existed then, which seemed to some to be too banal or pompous.

And then new forms and incarnations began to appear, which at first seemed strange, but gradually began to become more and more popular. Avant-garde covers many areas of life: poetry, theater, literature, cinema, music and, of course, interior design.

Will the avant-garde suit you?

The avant-garde style is suitable for decoration both at home and apartment, but in any case, your home should be modern and quite spacious, since in a small area all these intricate and unusual elements of the interior simply do not fit and can not be fully revealed and properly evaluated. .

The considered direction should be chosen by people creative, active, creatively thinking and bright. If you adhere to traditional views, then you in a room decorated in this style may be uncomfortable.

Main features

Features avant-garde style:

  • The use of exclusively modern, and sometimes not quite ordinary materials as in the design, and for the manufacture of furniture. Invoices can be the most unusual and complex, it is only welcome.
  • Different, juicy and bright colors. Do not be afraid to use cheerful colors, feel free to combine them! And some tandems may seem to be disharmonious, but experiments are welcome.
  • Variety of forms. They can be so complex and bold that it may seem that you are in a parallel universe.
  • Bold and stylish designer accessories.And let the object seem strange, in which case it will exactly fit into the avant-garde style interior.

Color spectrum

As noted above, it is possible and necessary to use different tones, as well as combine them and experiment. And yet, if you are not confident in your design abilities and taste, it is advisable to use proven tandems, otherwise the room may seem motley, tasteless, absurd and vulgar.

The most popular colors are red, yellow, orange, blue, green, violet and other saturated and juicy. But so that the interior does not seem too motley, usually some light or neutral shade is taken as a basis, for example, milky, light gray, beige, white, ivory.

And on this background, you can, like the artist, to place accents in the form of bright colors. Black can be used to mark the contours.

And a few words about the combination. Do not be afraid to experiment and use not only proven tandems, but also brighter ones. And if you think that the colors do not fit together, then add a bit of black or white to smooth and blur the borders.


If you choose the avant-garde style and decide to embody it in the interior of your home, then pay special attention to the finish. Create complex invoices and combine them. For example, smooth surfaces can coexist with volumetric patterns, and the gloss will look stylish next to the roughness.

You can use paint, decorative plaster or modern metallic or liquid wallpaper to decorate the walls. Drawings are acceptable, but not banal. On the walls may be complex geometric prints or abstract. No boring flowers and stripes! But contrast and large images are welcome.

The ceiling is best done tension, and preferably glossy. And you can decorate it with a large contrast image. Try experimenting with multi-level designs of complex shapes.

The floor can be covered with a stylish carpet (preferably long-haired) or bright linoleum. Modern and nontrivial will look bulk or 3D floor.

Choice of furniture

Furniture in the style of avant-garde should be unusual and bright. Items can have intricate complex shapes or exotic upholstery.For example, you can buy a large leather sofa in the form of the lips, an armchair with a high triangular seat, beaten with a bright dense cloth, a chair on five glass legs and so on. In general, get the most unusual items!


Lighting should be sufficient, as the interior in the style of the avant-garde can not be dark. Use several sources: chandeliers of complex shapes, unusual table lamps and floor lamps, halogen lamps, LED strips, and so on.


Accessories are used for decoration, and it should be no less bold than other interior elements. Use bright textiles (but from simple fabrics), creative figurines, colorful images, vases and so on.

Helpful Tips

Some practical recommendations:

  1. If you still can not imagine your home in such a bright style as the avant-garde, then look through the photos of creative interiors.
  2. Drop all stereotypes and prejudices, combine incompatible.
  3. In the avant-garde style, you can decorate any room, but the kitchen and living room will look especially bright, because in such rooms there are usually a lot of different items that you can experiment with.
  4. Do not overload the room, it should remain spacious.

Good luck, success and inspiration! Let your home become bright and original.

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