The star of "Univer" showed the first photo of a newborn daughter

The happy father even declassified the baby's name.

The star of the popular TV series Ararat Kescheyan and his wife Catherine had a second daughter. The happy father hurried to share the joy with the fans by posting the first shot of the newborn to his Instagram.

“Gentlemen, a new hashtag appeared in our family - # DianaAraratovna,” he signed a touching photo of a baby dressed in a funny suit with flowers and pink socks.

Nov 12 2017 at 4:05 PST

The couple has not advertised Catherine's pregnancy for a long time. But in the last weeks of pregnancy, the expectant mother began to actively share her thoughts and emotions with her subscribers. A few days ago, she even compared herself to Bella from the vampire saga Twilight.

“In the last weeks of pregnancy, for some reason, I remember Bell from Twilight, when it was obvious that she was very difficult, she was breaking her from the inside, it was a pity to look at her, but she bravely endured all the burdens.I do not know why, but it was this image that came to me yesterday, when, wallowing, I got out of bed. Now the child is already so strong that 90% of his movements bring quite noticeable discomfort. Just think: a small person in my stomach, already ready for “release,” stretches out there, sticks his legs into my sides, fidgets with his hands, ”Katya told the followers.

And finally, baby Diana was born. Friends and fans were quick to congratulate their parents. Now, they say, the couple can think about the third child, and this time the boy.

By the way, photos of the first daughter, Eva, Ararat and Catherine did not hurry to share with the general public. Only this year, the actor began to upload her pictures to his microblogging. But Diana from the first hours of life has become a real Instagram star.

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