Squats: 8 exercises for slim legs + video

Anyone who is in the endless search for a universal way to quickly bring themselves to the beach form and improve their health, let's go ... squat! With barbell, weighting or its own weight.

Do you know why ?!

As a catalyst for the growth of the largest muscles in our body, squats naturally trigger anabolic (read, stimulating muscle growth) processes throughout the body. That is, they stimulate the strengthening of the entire muscular corset.

And all because intense squats contribute to the release of testosterone and growth hormone - growth hormones, which will not be superfluous during exercise on the chest and arms

Alternating tension with stretching the muscles during a squat speeds up blood circulation, saturating the entire body with nutrients and oxygen, which in turn helps detoxification. Intense muscle activity also removes excess fluid from the body and speeds up the bowels.But the most pleasant, of course, is that squats, stimulating the growth of muscle mass of the whole organism, accelerate the metabolism, that is, burn excess fat and calories.

Paradoxically, it sounds, but the stronger your muscles, the more kilojoules you can burn in a day without even getting up from the sofa. While the lack of muscle mass inhibits the metabolic process, because "in times of hunger" the body, without asking you, will reduce the consumption of calories to ensure the functioning of all organs. So, intensively posedryadav, and you can eat well.

So, for the work! Before you are the simplest, but at the same time, effective exercises.

Initial position:

  • stand straight;
  • straighten your chest, do not round your shoulders;
  • Do not allow your knees to go beyond the line of socks;
  • transfer the body weight to the heels and middle parts of the feet;
  • do not tear your heels off the floor.

Exercise number 1: classic squat

What works

Having mastered the technique of classic squats without weighting, you can solve the problem with leg training, because the number of working muscles in this exercise is amazing. Quadriceps and hamstrings, calf and hip muscles, buttocks, extension muscles of the back, and muscles of the press.Depending on the width of the legs, the inner or outer surface of the thigh is being actively studied.

Exercise number 2: squats with alternate leg abduction

What works

Additionally strengthened buttocks and iliopsoas muscle.

Exercise No. 3: Squatting in Plie

What works

Exercises the gluteus maximus muscle, the muscles of the anterior and posterior thigh.

Exercise No. 4: Plié with lifting hands

What works

All of the above + cardio effect.

Exercise number 5: squats with alternate knee to the elbow

What works

Exercise is working oblique abdominal muscles.

Exercise number 6: jumping out

What works

The muscles of the arms and back are strengthened.

Exercise number 7: "curtsey"

What works

This tricky variation of squats involves the muscles of the whole body.

Exercise number 8: jumping out of the plie position

What works

Exercise compensates for the static work of the muscles, trains the legs, strengthens the buttocks.

Choose 3–4 comfortable exercises and perform 4–5 times 10–15 repetitions.

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