Spring crafts to school

Spring crafts to schoolSpring, as well as other seasons, is a great time for creativity. Nature awakens after a winter sleep, the sun shines brightly, birds chirp, inspiration wakes up. Surely your children will need crafts for the school and in order not to puzzle over what is so interesting to do, we have selected several spring workshops for you.


To begin with, we will define topics for future creativity. What do you associate spring with? Of course, with flowers. It is in spring that the first snowdrops and violets appear. They can be made from colored paper, candy wrappers, molds for muffins. In the course you can put any materials, even pumpkin seeds!


Next, remember the birds. These bright creatures every morning remind us of the coming of spring. You can make birds from plasticine, egg shells, twigs, straw, and even from yogurt cups. In general, do not be lazy to do something yourself, connect to the work of children and create small masterpieces.

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