Spicy homemade salted sprat

Photo: Elena Moskalenko
Baltic sprat300 grams350 gramsSea food salt1/3 stackSugar1 tbsp.Pepper (black peas)1 tbsp.Pepper (mixture)1 tbsp.Bay leaf1 pieceLemon1 piece
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  • Kitchen:Russian

Home cooking for Woman's Day. Spicy and fragrant sprat is “our everything”. Even in Soviet times, mistresses learned to turn this unsightly trifle into a real gastronomic gourmet. Kilka was adored by the working people, and the intelligentsia in felt berets did not disdain it. They did not know that the French called their anchovy anchovy, but enjoyed it with great relish and excitement.


Freshly frozen sprat put in a deep container and put on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator to carefully defrost.

To cut a lemon with thin slices, if there are bones - be sure to remove it.

In a skillet mix the spices, salt, sugar, pour 350 ml of water and heat until boiling. At the time of boiling remove the marinade from the stove, allow to cool.

In a clean container, fold the thawed sprat, pour a spicy broth, add the sliced ​​lemon, cover and refrigerate for 36 hours.

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