Spanish wall tiles in bathroom design

When designing the bathroom, you should be especially careful when choosing materials. They must be resistant to high humidity, external factors. Simplicity in care is also an important criterion. These requirements correspond to the Spanish tile wall Porcelanosa for the bathroom.

Styles represented in the collections of the factory

The Porcelanosa bathroom tile catalog (Spain) contains a large number of ceramic models, which allows each buyer to choose the best solution. Manufacturers offer collections of materials that:

  • imitate mosaic. This wall tile in the bathroom is a worthy alternative to the smallest mosaic, from which it is almost impossible to distinguish it after troweling. An indisputable advantage of this solution is an attractive price;

Tile mosaic by Porcelanosa Recife

  • resemble colored glass. Thanks to the tile, presented in the catalog as a collection of Glass, customers will be able to visually increase the size of the bathroom. Calm shades are able to harmoniously complement any interior;

Tile Mosaic L`antic Colonial

  • imitate the fabric consisting of wool threads. The Jersey collection presented in the catalog will not leave indifferent fans of modern styles. The special structure allows the material to increase the room width or length, which is determined by the method of laying;

"img src =" "alt =" Tile for the fabric of Porcelanosa Japan "width="300" height="400">

  • imitate marble, wood and even aged metal. To buy such a tile in Moscow at a reasonable price for the design of a bathroom is sought by persons embodying the original design ideas.

"img src =" "alt =" Porcelanosa Calacata in the interior "width="300" height="250">

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