Slipper Slippers

Slippers, slippers- knit crochet comfortable slippers. Slippers can be decorated with some beautiful pattern or knitted on the slippers the name of each family member, so that each has their own slippers.

Materials and tools:

  1. vyazniya thread;
  2. hook;
  3. insoles.

Knitting description

Loop set sizes are approximate, depending on the choice of thread and the size of the leg.

Slipper top

We knit from the tip (from the fingers). We collect 5-8 loops (for an average female leg 6-7 loops) and knit to the required length, adding one loop in the middle of knitting in each row. As a result, the top is obtained in the form of a triangle. The top can also be tied in a circle.

Sole Slippers

Type 17-18 loops and knit 2 rows in a circle completely, then half a circle, unfold knitting and knit another 3-4 times (depending on the width of the foot). A groove is visible from this technique.

Thanks to this technology, the sole has the shape of a leg: already on the heel, but wider on the rest of the foot. For each slipper knit in 2 parts.

Put in the middle between the parts of the insole and tie them together, the sole was rigid and did not sag.


We find the middle at the top and the soles, we connect and knit.

To make slippers last longer, you can sew leather or other protective material on the sole.

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