Simple hairstyles for owners of curly hair

Many girls with curly appearance think that there are very few hairstyles for curly hair, which is why they are so bored. This is not so. Almost all the hairstyles that exist for straight hair, you can apply for curly. And the effect will be double, because women's hairstyles for curly hair have always been admired in both men and women.

If you are a happy owner of curly hair, then we can safely say the following - any girl with straight hair at least once, but envied you. After all, everyone knows the fact that if a girl has curly hair, then at least once she has dreamed of straight lines. And vice versa, if a girl wears straight long hair all her life, then at least sometimes, but she moves them and envies her friend, who has such cute curls.

To begin with, here are a few recommendations for caring for curly hair to make it easier for you to create new hairstyles.

As you know, curly hair is prone to dryness, so you can see the constant appearance of split ends. For any girl who cares and cares for her hair, it should be no secret that special shampoos and masks for curly hair should be present in her arsenal.

Preventive procedures that include: masks with medicated oils and components of natural origin, rinsing in decoctions of medicinal herbs will not be superfluous. Pay attention to your diet, because hair, like any other part of the body, requires an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals.

In addition to the chic volume, which is difficult to achieve from straight hair, a certain state of disobedience is inherent in curly hair. When there is excessive humidity, wind or rain, it is better not to waste your time on all sorts of styling and using irons.

Under the influence of external factors, the hair very quickly return to its original appearance, and you, using irons or hair dryers, only harm your hair once again.

Be careful with experiments, especially for the cutting of bangs and cosmic haircuts.Do not forget that when a hairdresser works with your hair, he usually sprinkles them with water. From this curls straighten, and the hair becomes longer, so after drying, haircut may be much shorter than expected. And if you already decided on a bang, then do not forget that you will have to constantly devote time to lay and straighten it.

For short

On every day. This hairstyle is necessary in order not to bother with complex and lengthy processes of more festive hairstyles. To do this, we leave the hair in its natural form, fix the disobedient strands with spray or gel, smooth it. To dilute a little boring everyday life, add a hoop or any hairpin to your hair. This will bring a variety and easy playfulness to your image.

In order to please yourself with something unusual, choose individual strands and wind them on a curling iron or large curlers. After curls, do not comb them with a comb! Just shake the hair with your hands, lay the disobedient strands in place and fix it with varnish.

For medium

The hairstyle for every day for medium hair does not differ from the hairstyle for short hair.Simply dissolve your curls, lay the naughty strands and fix with spray. Nothing complicated, but you will always be in a beautiful and playful image.

If you want something more strict, then there are no problems. The most common bun that curly hair will look gentle and elegant. Simply comb them back, collect them in a tail and twist in a bunch. Secure it with studs or hairpins. They can also wear a hoop or knit bandage.

Do not forget that sometimes, when the curls are completely annoying, you can use the services of the ironing. But remember that you should not save on this styling tool, as you can ruin your hair for a long time. Irons with temperature controls and ceramic surfaces are much more delicate and faster to help you cope with a hairstyle.

If the hair does not curl too much, then you can wash your head, still wet hair braid in two tight braids for the night. In the morning you will find soft waves.

For long

Most of all you can come up with hairstyles for long hair. These are all kinds of braids - ordinary, French, spikelets, plaits, etc., high tails and pigtails, Asian braids, hair laid in a basket and many others.

Bohemian braid.To perform this haircut, comb the hair well.After, starting from any temple convenient to you, weave an ordinary French braid, aspiring to the opposite temple. When you practically reach the final, then fix the tips with stealth, and spread the braid with your hands so that it looks bigger. Hair can be decorated with flowers or hairpins.

High. If you turn to all sorts of magazines, which pose for celebrities, then all their high hairstyles are made by curling their own hair. So what's stopping you from collecting them in a bun, in a shell or a basket? Just lay the disobedient strands of spray or gel, braid a couple of light braids over loose hair. After that, kill them in a basket, fixing them with invisible flowers, you can decorate them with flowers or hairpins with pebbles, all in the hands of your imagination!

For thin and fuzzy

Unfortunately, it also happens that even for lush hair there is not enough volume. They hang lifeless icicles, and do not know what to do with them. The most famous and effective way to add volume to fine hair is gelatin. Just add a spoonful of gelatin to the shampoo when you wash your hair. The most optimal length for will be shoulder length or higher.The most profitable haircut - ladder or with torn strands.

In cases of thin hair, you must use special gels and mousses to create curls. Just dry them before applying mousse on them. At the same time constantly pinch the curls in your fists, to give the effect of compactness, this will give more volume. You can periodically curl the hair or twist on the curlers, which will create the effect of volume.

For thin curly hair, various pigtails and spikelets are also suitable. Just do not overtight hair, and when you finish the weaving, be sure to straighten and lightly stretch the hairs.

A large number of lessons on the creation of fashionable hairstyles are on the Internet, where everything is described in detail and described.

Just do not forget that the most beautiful hairstyle is healthy and shiny curls, so do not forget to properly care and, if necessary, treat your coachman.

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