Silk luxury or fashion accessory for the bedroom

Comfort during rest and sleep has always been in the first place, but current trends require a special style and originality from the design of the bedroom. It is not surprising that fashionable bed linen in Kharkov should be made of silk, which symbolizes luxury, good taste and level of well-being. This, however, is not about fake base silk or satin, but about high-quality fabric, which is able to give a royally luxurious sleep.

What are the benefits of silk underwear?

Natural silk is remarkable for its durability. The bed set is able to serve for more than one decade, provided it is properly handled. It is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic fabric, which is suitable for newborns, young children, adults and the elderly. Ticks are never found in natural silk, and therefore underwear is perfectly safe even for people suffering from skin diseases.In the winter cold, silk underwear will give a pleasant warmth, and in the summer heat - a cool. Good air circulation in the tissue provides a comfortable sleep without an unpleasant sense of humidity. Extra moisture from silk evaporates quickly.

It is believed that natural silk bedding has a beneficial effect on women, because the matter contains fibrin, which helps slow the aging of the skin. The first wrinkles will appear later, if you sleep solely on high-quality silk underwear. This bed has a positive effect on the nervous system, contributing to relaxation, enhanced perception of colors and sounds. Silk fabric is resistant to long-term operation, it retains the color and texture of the maximum debt. It will never get hooks, and the color will always be juicy and bright.

Disadvantages of respectable silk

Elegant and elegant silk bedding has some drawbacks that, in some cases, can be a reason to refuse to buy. Washing bed linen from silk is possible only in manual or in delicate mode of the most modern automatic machines without bleaches and aggressive washing powders. Silk is forbidden to be ironed with water and dried to dryness, to avoid the appearance of tissue fractures.The cost of natural silk makes such bedding a luxury for the wealthy. Low-quality cheap fakes resemble luxury linen only externally, and therefore you should not save on yourself.

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