Shredded iPad Case

Cover for iPad from patches- we sew a beautiful cover for a tablet from pieces of fabric, this cover is very simple and fast to make, the master class is perfect for novice needlewomen.

Materials and tools:

  1. fabric;
  2. scissors;
  3. sewing machine;
  4. iron;
  5. cardboard and marker;
  6. batting.

Step 1

Cut out large squares and a rectangle, half the width of the square, from the fabric. We sew on the machine 4 squares for the front side and 6 squares for the back. We sew 2 more rectangles to the front part and iron everything out properly.

Step 2

Then, from the batting, cut out rectangles of the appropriate sizes and use a typewriter to cut the previously stitched rectangles. Cut out the fabric lining. We fold the 2 parts of the cover inside out, we also lay the lining and sew everything on a typewriter; we do not sew the top.

Also using fabric and batting we sew the clasp. We will turn out a cover, we will put a fastener and we sew everything.A patch caseis ready.

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