Shoes in a dream

Dreamed of shoes and want to know what promises a dream? Dream interpretation offers different interpretations - depending on the type and condition of the dreamed-up shoes, as well as your actions in a dream.

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What dreams shoes
What dreams shoes

Medieval dream book

Why dream of shoes: new - a dream promises wealth, to wear it - you will be cheerful and rich; old, torn - warns of deception and damages, putting it on - to serious difficulties in life.

Dream Medea

Dreamed shoes - your problem has a solution; have seen someone else's shoes - you should listen to an authoritative opinion.

They put on new shoes - to luck, luck, cash receipts, new love; have seen many pairs of shoes in the store - you have to maintain relationships with several people or choose the road from several ways; seen or put on worn, torn shoes - to problems in life.

Esoteric dream book

New shoes foreshadows good luck; dirty, dirty shoes - to trouble; to repair shoes - problems will be solved, but you need to work hard.

Dream Interpretation of Meridian

Trying shoes in a dream promises changes in life; for a girl, meeting a lover; long fitting - to several close relationships at the same time.

Dream Dream

I had a dream about shoes - the dream book promises travel; new - a sign of help, new businesses and relationships; the old is stuck in former affairs or relationships; close - a symbol of difficulties in communication, inappropriate activities for you; torn - to trouble, divorce, ailments of relatives; non-standard, inappropriate occasion - to misses and getting into strange situations or unusual places.

Razazvatsya in a dream - to change employment or relationship to someone.

To lose shoes with one foot - to serious doubts about the need to continue the business or communication with someone.

Ukrainian dream book

Shoes in a dream - to the road or travel; new - to meet or cheat; ragged - to death in the family; with fallen off soles - to trouble, loss.

Dream interpretation Shereminskoy

Shoes in a dream - a symbol of marriage; old, worn - to an unhappy marriage; comfortable, suitable in size - for a long marriage; with a broken heel - to disputes with her beloved; lost shoes or shoes with one foot - there is a threat of divorce.

Erotic dream book

To dream shoes new, beautiful - a reflection of well-being in intimate life; old, dirty, ragged - a symbol of problems in sexual relations or gossip about your reputation.

Sonic Fedorovskoy

Buying shoes in a dream - to find a new job; sale - to the return of a long-forgotten old friend.

To see the purchase or sale of shoes - to change jobs for someone from your environment.

Wearing new shoes in your dreams - quickly change jobs; old - to a major failure.

Throw shoes - a warning about scandal at work.

Modern dream book

In the modern dream book, shoes mean that you will go; clean - the road will be successful, you will overcome it easily, in a good mood; dirty - difficult, you will clash, need and yearn; new - the forerunner of joy; the old one is a warning about future troubles and needs; women - to the road, happy love, quick, but short luck.

Wear shoes - to a successful business trip; wearing sports shoes - you have to walk a lot or run to make your plans come true; wear wooden shoes - to achieve well-being through thrift; wear home shoes in the house - to complete freedom and confidenceon the street - because of your relaxation and inattention you can get into an awkward situation; Wear unfashionable, but comfortable and durable shoes - to quickly and efficiently solve problems in the most simple way.

Why dream of measuring shoes: you have made a decent offer, accept it without a doubt.

Footwear close - a dream warns about interference with your plans, take security measures; too big - do not spray, focus on the most important things, otherwise you will not complete any of your undertakings; on one leg - you have a one-sided look at the problems, change the angle of view; unpaired - you need a reliable companion, otherwise it will be difficult to implement the planned.

Lend your shoes - to the emergence of rivals or rivals.

Repairing shoes for pleasure; change - to life changes; clean - to establish affairs and relationships.

Loss of shoes in a dream - to the difficulties and hindrances in the implementation of the conceived, delays in affairs; damage to shoes - to disrupt plans due to inadequate preparation for possible obstacles.

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