SenilitySuch an unpleasant disease, as senile senility, or dementia, frightens not only those who have reached the elderly. After all, its signs may appear before the age of forty.


This disease is a mental disorder that eventually leads to a complete loss of behavioral skills in all spheres of life. The senile insanity leads to quite serious consequences, so it is important to pay attention to it at the first symptoms.


How is senile marasmus manifested


In those people who suffer from senile marasmus, the symptoms may be as follows:


1. First of all there is a worsening of memory - the patient much more remembers the events that occurred with him in the recent past. At the same time, he perfectly remembers the days of his youth and maturity. Like maiden memory, senility leads to forgetfulness and distraction.
2. Manifestations of senile senility can be seen in behavioral changes - the patient becomes slovenly, does not care about the purity of his clothes, does not put things in order in the apartment.He throws his old hobbies: knitting, embroidery, fishing, hunting, refuses to carry out current affairs, if they require some effort.
3. The patient begins to get worse in time, but he understands where he is.
4. There are disturbances in thinking - when trying to cope with simple everyday tasks, difficulties arise. Selection of the desired activity option takes more time than before.
5. The patient begins to communicate with other people, he becomes reticent.


Your relative has senile insanity - what to do and how he can be helped.


If a person close to you has senile insanity, treatment should begin as soon as possible. Be sure to consult with your doctor and be sure to follow all his recommendations. It is known that the lack of vitamin B in the food often leads to impaired functioning of the brain in the elderly. Therefore, to avoid the severe stages of senile insanity, medications are necessary: ​​give the patient vitamins of group B, as well as folic acid, which reduces the likelihood of brain dysfunction.


There are pills for senility - these are the drugs that contain Ginkgo extract. This herbal medicine helps to improve blood circulation in the smallest vessels of the brain. The result will not take long: the patient after his regular intake will improve memory and increase mental abilities.


Senile insanity - treatment of folk remedies


In case of senile insanity, treatment with folk remedies can also help: tincture from the roots of elecampane, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, has a pronounced effect. It must be taken according to the instructions several times a day before eating. The patient's condition will improve after 4 weeks.

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