Selena Gomez - the new Queen of Instagram, sorry, Kim

Selena Gomez proved by her own example: to be the first on Instagram, it is not at all necessary to have a world-famous little family, an influential rapper husband and an outstanding fifth point. One does not need to be naked in front of a mirror, showing off his body, and after being offended by everyone around and calling himself a body-shading object ... A young and beautiful singer and actress who doesn’t immediately remember which movie he plays in, became Instagram ”(I mean, there are almost 70 million people in subscribers already!), Leaving behind both girlfriend Taylor Swift, and Beyonce, and Kim Kardashian.

What is the success of Selena's insta-popularity? After reviewing the star's page, we could not solve some special secret - except that she skillfully manages to be both a bad girl and mother's beloved daughter, and act in a bikini, and not show too much, do not forget about #foodporn (food - whatever one may say - one of the main hashtags), glow with the girlfriends in the frame and have fun, have fun, have fun.

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