Secrets of growing Coleus in your garden

Coleus is a beautiful decorative plant, which has a very pleasant property: it can be grown at home on a windowsill, and in a favorite garden or on a private plot.

To a greater extent, this plant was so fond of flower growers precisely because of its unusual appearance: the motley multicolored foliage, which simply captivates with its unusual colors and forms, will become a real pride of its owner. In addition, Coleus no one calls difficult to care - even a novice can handle and as a result of the implementation of simple rules get a charming plant.

The southern parts of Asia, as well as the tropical zones of Australia and Africa, are considered the homeland of Coleus. In Europe, such a flower appeared only 2 centuries ago, while at that time there were only two kinds of Wheels - Blume and Vershaffelta - they could be said to have become the progenitors of all subsequent varietal hybrids.

Today, by the way, there are more than a hundred,many of which are able to satisfy the most demanding tastes! You also need to say that the whole beauty of this flower lies precisely in its decorative foliage, since its flowers are rather inconspicuous and do not represent much value for the grower.

Planting and care in the garden

As we have said, the cultivation of Coleus is simple, no matter how you do it - at home or somewhere in an open flower bed. Another advantage of such a plant is its ease of reproduction.

It is quite easy to get new young flowers directly from seeds or to resort to a variant with cuttings. It must be said that each of the methods is quite simple and has a high chance of success.

Growing from seed. It is not difficult to buy its seeds - there is a wide selection of different hybrid varieties in the stores; all that remains is to choose the one that suits your taste. The best time for planting - the beginning of spring.

You can do this in another period, for example, in the fall, although in this case you will have to arrange for additional illumination for the appeared gatherings.As for the soil, the coleus is not particularly capricious, but still it is desirable that it be light enough and fertile.

As a "bed" it is better to use a flat tray in which the seeds are laid out on the surface of the soil. On top, they are sprayed from the spray gun, and then lightly covered with sand. The tray on top is covered with glass and installed in a warm and shade place.

Before the appearance of the first shoots (7-10 days), the greenhouse should be warm and humid, after which the glass is removed and the greenhouse moves to the bright window. In this case, the temperature should be 17 ° -19 °, and the sprouts should not be exposed to direct sunlight. With the advent of the first leaves, each young plant needs to be transplanted into a separate small pot, where it can develop its root system.

After 5-6 weeks, the bushes can be transplanted into even larger vessels, and the tips pricked for further tillering. When the streets are finally warm days, the wheels can be planted in the open ground.

Bushes are usually seated at a short distance from each other, immediately after planting they need to be watered. In general, the main point of care is careful watering of the plant,in particular, during the summer heat. For irrigation it is desirable to use separated water, it is important that it is not hard. Every time after watering the soil must be loosened and cleaned of weeds.

During the period of active growth can be carried out weekly feeding, it is better to use fertilizers with nitrogen. When the plant starts to emit flower stalks, it is better to remove them, since they will hardly please you outwardly, but the plant will spend quite a lot of effort on their forcing.

To Coleus had the appearance of a bright and neat bush, you need to remember to cut it several times during the season, which will give the opportunity to appear new young shoots. It is also important to remember that he does not like the shadow - without a sufficient amount of color, the leaves can lose their bright colors.

How to grow at home?

In an apartment, this flower, in fact, requires almost the same care as in the open area. If you grow it from seed, then at the final stage young plants are planted not in the ground, but in permanent pots.

Home-made Coleus can also be grown from a cutting, it should be about 10 cm long. It is enough to stick the process in a glass of water or a moist soil,Cover with a film on top and hold in the shade for a week. After that, the cutting can be immediately planted in a permanent pot.

As in the garden, watering such a plant should be abundant, especially in spring and summer. Coleus should be fertilized once or twice a week, and once a month in winter. In order for your flower to be as beautiful as in numerous photos, you are pleased with the active branching and during the new season, you need to rejuvenate it. For this, before spring, it is enough to cut all the shoots by about 5 cm, which will help the flower to maintain its decorative effect.

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