Secrets of cooking Czech dumplings

What boasts the Czech Republic? Well, of course, great castles, stunning nature, indescribable local flavor, the most delicious beer, as assured by gourmets and, of course, hearty and very tasty national cuisine!

Of course, it includes many recipes, but the most popular and famous dish far beyond the Czech Republic itself is, of course, dumplings! Without these kind of muffins or bars, almost no meal can be done, the Czechs themselves say that they can eat them for breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner!

In order to try the traditional Czech dish and feel a part of the national culture, it is not necessary to go to the Czech Republic, it is enough to cook the dumplings with your own hands. They are prepared quite simply, but the result is incredibly tasty. Interesting, but the modern symbol of Czech cuisine, according to historians, was not invented in the Czech Republic at all.

The first real dumplings were cooked in Germany, in fact, whence their name “knodel” came.By the way, in other national cuisines of the world one can find quite a few “tasty” analogues: for example, Ukrainian dumplings, Asian manti, European dumplings, Italian pasta, and so on.

To tell in a nutshell, what are the Czech dumplings - not so easy, because they are very different! The most common option is medium-sized boiled balls made from potatoes or dough, which are either boiled in water or steamed.

There are options in the form of large rolls, served sliced ​​and, most often, go as a side dish to meat dishes with thick sauce. By the way, in the old days such a dish was called food of the poor, and what: cheap and satisfying. Only over time, the dumplings moved to the tables of the nobility, they were stuffed with various fillings and served as an independent dish or side dish to the second.

What is cooked from?

As a basis, most often, choose flour or raw potatoes, which are mixed with egg, spices and, if necessary, other fillings. Dumplings in the form of small balls, most often, make sweet or vegetable (due to filling).

For example, in the Czech Republic, potato dumplings stuffed with cabbage or bread balls with fruit and sugar are especially popular.In principle, many other products can serve as the main ingredient: breadcrumbs, semolina, cottage cheese, mashed potatoes, in general, everyone can choose what they like best. Since this is a folk dish, here you can always experiment and add something new.

Recipe for classic Czech dumplings

The most popular and traditional dumplings are those made from yeast dough. Most often, they are served as a side dish for meat, stewed cabbage or other vegetables. So, what do we need for cooking?

  • wheat flour - 250 g;
  • egg - 1 piece;
  • milk - 120 g;
  • fresh yeast - 10 g;
  • a pinch of salt, sugar.

Yeast must first be melted in warm milk. Then sift the flour, add a teaspoon of sugar, a little salt and slowly pour in warm yeast. Knead the dough sufficiently tight, and then put it for an hour in a warm place: to do this, sprinkle it with flour on top and cover it with a clean towel.

After the dough rises, it must be slightly kneaded and divided into several parts, of which we will form our future dumplings.They are usually shaped like a small loaf - about 20 cm long and about 5 cm in diameter.

It is best to cook the dumplings for a couple, that is, use a double boiler. By the way, before they were brewed in a napkin, hanging it over boiling water, it's good that today special devices have been invented for this. Loaf of dough should be placed in a container, pre-lubricate them with oil and leave to prepare for 20 minutes. To the table, this dish is served in small slices - it is better with dressing from garlic, greens and butter.

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