Nordic Nordic Walking

This sport has become popular in Europe twenty years ago, in Russia it is only gaining momentum. There was walking with sticks in the 1940s, like the preparation of professional skiers in the summer.
Athletes then used real ski poles, but over time, the coach came to the conclusion that their height is not suitable for this. Scandinavian walking with sticks is still known as Finnish, Norwegian or Swedish walking with sticks. Video is shot about it very much, they tell about the benefits and techniques of this sport.
The peculiarities of the Scandinavian walk consist in the use of special sticks, this is its integral and only attribute. The sticks are height adjustable, they are telescopic. To set the height suitable for you, calculate it by the formula: your height should be multiplied by 0.68.

What is the advantage of walking with sticks and its benefits


  • You can study at any time of the year and in any place. Does not require a special form of clothing;
  • suitable for all age groups;
  • with normal walking, only the lower part of the body is involved, and walking with sticks also includes the work of the arms, back and shoulders;
  • Efficiency is increased by 40%. That is, you also burn more calories;
  • no contraindications

Nordic Nordic Walking

  • helps to improve posture;
  • strengthens the muscles of the back;
  • swing press when turning the body to the left and right;
  • keeps the gluteal muscles in the tone;
  • effectively trains the legs;
  • it trains the lungs well and stimulates the cardiovascular system;
  • relieves stress and uplifting.


Nordic Nordic Walking


Technique Scandinavian walking:



  • legs slightly bent;
  • back straight;
  • the right arm is extended forward with a stick at an angle of 45 degrees;
  • the left hand is retracted at an angle of 45 degrees;
  • step on the heel, moving to the toe;
  • the left leg is the right hand, the right leg is the left hand;
  • sticks fixed with straps on their hands should not be widely spread.

Nordic Nordic Walking

With this sport you can not just maintain your physical form, but also lose weight. For this you need to train every day for an hour and a half a day. Increase walking speed, with a fast pace you can achieve the result of burning calories, like when running.Choose more challenging trails that go through mountainous terrain with ups and downs. You can also increase the load by adding yourself an extra load, in the form of a special belt.
Today, the adherents of this sport are becoming more due to its safety and gentle technique, as well as the opportunity to be outdoors. Many among fans of the elderly, because it is one of the few sports available and recommended to them.

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