Sapphire Wedding Anniversary

Almost without exception, they know that the 50th anniversary of the joint marriage life is called the golden wedding, the 25th anniversary is a silver wedding. But few know how the less round dates are called, for example, a no less pleasant jubilee of 45 years of happy married life. So, 45 years old is a Sapphire wedding, the name is due to the fact that such an anniversary is a truly precious thing - after all, living together for so many years, having survived all the difficulties and joys, is worth a lot before the golden jubilee.

Naturally, the people who celebrated this anniversary are older, and at that age people are especially susceptible to stress and distress. And according to many beliefs, sapphire is a stone that helps to eliminate the effects of stress and various negative situations.

In general, sapphire has a high level of positive energy: in the old days it was believed that this gem could open the doors of any prison and free a person from imprisonment, except that he brings good luck in all his endeavors.Already after the ruby ​​wedding (the 40th anniversary of married life) every joint year lived is becoming more valuable.

The guests invited to the Sapphire wedding celebration admire the couple with admiration and kind envy as they could enjoy sapphires. As for the guests at this holiday, they are usually the closest and dearest people: children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, best friends and others. People who will happily share this beautiful holiday with happy spouses will wish them to meet at least the anniversary of the golden wedding, to have good health and set an example of how love and tenderness can be carried through so many years.

The most important feature of the celebration of this anniversary is the decoration of wedding rings with sapphires, when the couple are sitting at the holiday table holding hands, and on their fingers are rings with a dark blue stone, a symbol of the fact that this marriage was concluded in heaven. Another tradition of the holiday is purification: “newlyweds” can go to the bathhouse before the jubilee or sit on a medical diet.

45 years - Sapphire wedding, a holiday at which the couple ask forgiveness from each other for past grievances and disappointments.Naturally, the main gift for this anniversary will be jewelry with a sapphire, which will not only look exquisite on the anniversary, but also help them to live without stress and problems, because, as already mentioned above, sapphire has healing and soothing properties.

Now you know which wedding is celebrated for 45 years of living together and what should be given on this anniversary :).

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