"Safe" mousetrap

You can make this mousetrap from our household waste. Two cans are required: tin (height 6 cm, diameter 10 cm) and glass (height 10 cm, diameter 9 cm). DIY YOURSELF MYSHYLOVKAAlso, a fragile thread 45 cm long and a bait - a piece of hard, wiry bacon - are also needed. In the tin canister, on the side surface at the very bottom, we cut a “double door”, and in the middle line on the same side surface we make four holes at the same distance from each other. As shown in the figure, we thread a thread through these four holes so that it crosses in the middle of the can. At the intersection of the thread we fix the bait. On top of the crossed thread, lower the top of the glass jar. A mouse lashing out on the bait gnaws through the thread, and a glass jar holding onto the threads will fall on the rodent.

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