Rules for washing down jackets in a washing machine: 7 simple steps.

With the onset of cold weather, people take out their outerwear from the cabinets. Many of us wear down jackets in the fall and winter, as these are warm, comfortable and practical clothes.

Before the toe, the down jacket should be freshened and washed. Dry cleaning services are expensive, so to save money, you can clean it at home. But before you put the down jacket in the washing machine, you should learn how to properly wash it ...

How to wash a down jacket in the washing machine

1. Before fastening, fasten the zipper and buttons. Take off the fur. Turn out the down jacket inside out.

2. Erase only one down jacket without other things.

3. Use only liquid detergent to wash delicate fabrics. No powder!
how to wash down jacket

4. Choose the most sparing mode. Wash at low temperature. Best wash at 30 degrees. Polash at least 3-4 times.

5. After washing a down jacket the main thing is that the down should not be whipped into lumps. To do this, put in the washing machine 3-4 tennis balls.But first, they also need to wash.

6. Sushi down jacket in the fresh air. Do not do this near fire or heaters!

7. The down jacket will dry more than one day. Periodically approach him and shake to spread the fluff.

If you stick to these simple rules, your thing will look great after washing.

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