Robin Wright undressed for The Edit magazine

On May 30, we will again see Robin Wright in the form of the powerful, brutal and very dangerous Claire, wife of politician Frank Underwood in the TV series "House of Cards." In the meantime, she looks at us from the pages of the new edition of The Edit. Among the pictures, which is unexpected, there is also a photo of topless. It seems that Emily Ratakovsky was not so wrong when she said that even famous women still need to undress to be heard.

Robin Wright for The Edit magazine

Robin Wright for The Edit magazine

In an interview, Robin admits that, despite the roles of strong and powerful heroines, she still has to stand up for herself every day in off-screen life. Like other Hollywood actresses, she complains about sexism and admits that her fee for filming in the “House of Cards” was, despite the promises of producers, much lower than that of her colleague Kevin Spacey. “I got tired of filming,” she says. - Much more I like to sit in the director's chair. I have been standing in front of the camera for more than 30 years, it's time to get on the other side and help others unleash their acting skills. ”

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