Roaming Comparison

Roaming is a special service provided by mobile operators. With its help, the subscriber can call from anywhere in the world without changing the SIM card and being outside the network coverage area. The cost of calls in roaming exceeds the price of regular calls in the home network, usually 2-3 times. Despite this, many subscribers are willing to pay the indicated amounts in exchange for the usual and high-quality communication around the world.

What is roaming?

Roaming allows you to stay connected wherever you are. For example, if you are traveling on a business trip or on a vacation abroad, it is not at all necessary to buy a new sim card there and to study the offers of local operators - you can use the usual connection, like at home. The service of communication in roaming is paid, and the cost varies depending on the offers of your operator. The following sections will discuss the conditions of communication in roaming of the leading mobile operators of the Russian Federation.

There are two types of roaming:

  1. Manual is an outdated way for past generation networks. To activate from the subscriber you need to apply and register in the guest network manually.
  2. Automatic - relevant for all modern operators. Service in the guest network is assigned automatically immediately after the subscriber is registered in a foreign network (crossing the state border, for example).

Roaming Comparison

Using roaming also allows you to save your phone number. When traveling abroad, you do not need to notify friends by making a text message with a new phone number, as if you bought a sim card from a local operator. Thus, you save money and time, and communication takes place in the usual way.

Roaming Beeline

Beeline offers its subscribers three types of roaming:

  1. For traveling around the world - the cost of connecting one of the packages offered is 25 rubles. More detailed information can be found in the relevant section of the site at
  2. For traveling in Russia - the cost of connecting the service "My Country" is 25 rubles. More information is available at
  3. For calls from your home network around the world - the additional option “My Intercity” will allow you to call your friends and colleagues in all cities of the country for only 2.5 rubles. per minute, and also send SMS for 1.5 rubles. The daily subscription fee is 1 ruble plus a one-time connection fee of 25 rubles.

Roaming Comparison

MTS roaming

To activate MTS international roaming and the International Access service required for communication abroad, dial * 111 * 2192 # on your phone or go to the appropriate page of the site at howtoget /. Connection is free. The service is relevant for individuals and private entrepreneurs.

Conditions for connecting international roaming mts:

  1. You must be connected to the MTS for at least six months and put at least 650 rubles a month into the account.
  2. If you are an MTS subscriber for more than a year.

In other cases, it is recommended to use the service “Easy roaming and international access”. You can activate it in any MTS salon (have your passport with you) or through your Personal Account.

Megaphone Roaming

The Megafon operator offers its subscribers not only international roaming, operating in 152 countries of the world, but also advantageous communication on ships, airliners and satellite networks. So you can stay accessible on any trips - by land or by sea.

Roaming Comparison

Connection of international roaming Megaphone is automatic for 152 countries of the world. View the full list of countries at If you are going to other states, it is recommended to activate the “Extended International Roaming” service. The activation is free, the subscription fee is not charged.

The cost of calls varies depending on the country you are going to visit. To find out how much roaming Megaphone costs in your case, go to and enter the name of the country.

Tele2 roaming

Tele2 offers a roaming service for travel around the country and around the world. To find out the connection rates for traveling in Russia, enter on this page the city where you want to go.

Useful: For information on national roaming, call toll free (951) 520 0611.

To find out how much roaming calls from other countries cost, go to and enter the name of the state. Before the trip, the operator recommends disabling automatic call forwarding for cost savings.

Cheap roaming connection

From all it can be seen that competing Russian operators offer quite favorable terms of cooperation, however, among them one can single out the most acceptable options. For example, Megafon does not charge fees and does not activate roaming if you are in Russia. The network of its coverage is quite large, and you do not have to pay while traveling around the country.

In terms of international calls, cheap roaming is observed with the operator Beeline and Tele2, however, Beeline gets the benefits because of its inexpensive unlimited Internet. Thus, you can choose the best option for travel to anywhere in the world.

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