"Returning" and another 5 best immersive shows of Moscow and St. Petersburg

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Immersive performances are one of the latest trends. It's simple: immersive - this is a statement, during which the viewer plunges into a theatrical performance. The actors interact with the audience, and the audience can influence what is happening on the stage. The premieres of immersive shows, allowing a new look not only at the theater, but also at reality, appear constantly. Many of them take place in Moscow noble mansions, others go to the theater stage. The immersive element is implanted in musicals, quests, tours, and even restaurants. The most famous, already classic production in the immersive genre is the New York play Sleep No More, created by Punchdrunk. The action of the show is based on Shakespeare's Macbeth, and takes place in a fictional five-story hotel. They say Sleep No More is the best way to spend an evening in New York.

And what is interesting about immersive productions going in Moscow and St. Petersburg?


Upcoming dates:March 9–11, March 16, 17, 23

A place:Moscow, Dashkov Lane, 5

Publication from the "Returning" Immersive Show (@ dashkov5)Mar 1, 2018 at 8:18 PST

The immersive performance "The Returning" was staged after the play "Ghosts" by Henrik Ibsen. Entourage in an old mansion, where the action is going, thought out to the smallest detail. There is no scene here, and in order to follow the plot, it is sometimes necessary to move quite quickly to smoke-filled floors, from room to room. However, you can stay in place and follow the hero you like, gradually becoming an actor more than a spectator. The choreographer Miguel carried out the staging, inspired by Sleep No More and trying as precisely as possible to follow all the immersive principles bequeathed by Punchdrunk.

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Nearest date:March 8–11, March 16–18, etc.

A place:St. Petersburg, Palace Embankment, 20

Publication from the "Faceless" immersive show (@ bezlikie.show)Mar 4, 2018 at 1:54 pst

"Faceless" was originally created as a prequel to the play "Returning" and, as planned, should have been more compact. But the site - a mansion on the Palace Embankment - began to dictate its conditions.Is it possible to do something modest in these luxurious interiors! According to Ibsen's "Ghost", about 600 (!) Scenes are played there.

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Nearest date:18th of March

A place:Moscow, Tsvetnoy shopping center

Publication by Impresario (@impresariooooo)Nov 3, 2017 at 9:00 PDT

The show was made famous impresario Fedor Elyutin, before invited to the exciting Moscow adventure Remote Moscow. "Candidate" - statement about the choice. Several candidates, five rounds, in the final of which the viewer must make a choice in favor of a candidate for an elected position. Each viewer will have to understand how he is subject to the opinion of the majority, how much he is controlled, or, conversely, is inclined to non-conformism.

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Performance-Supper "Mirror of Carlos Santos"

Nearest date:all march and on

A place:Moscow, st. Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 32

Publication by Mirror Carlos Santos (@ zerkalokarlosasantosa)Mar 5, 2018 at 11:45 PST

The dinner with wine and meat is preceded by an immersive theatrical show, the script of which was written by Maxim Kurochkin, and put by Talgat Batalov. Responsible for the food - the chef Ruslan Zakirov. Gastronomic performance, a restaurant in three acts, the last supper - as soon as they do not call this mysterious dinner! As always in immersive shows, it is better to know as little as possible in advance.In total, twelve people participate in a Spanish-style dinner. They have to go through an exciting quest, and then eat.

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Opera Promenade "Queen of Spades"

Nearest date:8-10 March, 15, 17, 23 March

A place:Moscow, st. Yauzskaya, 1/15, page 1

Publication from the Opera Promenade "The Queen of Spades" (@pushkinopera)Mar 6, 2018 at 7:30 PST

The play “The Queen of Spades” was staged by director Alexander Legchakov, and Peter Nalich as Hermann. Words - Pushkin, music - Tchaikovsky. Each performance has exactly 54 spectators, as in a deck of cards that drove poor Herman crazy. The place of action is the ancient Goncharov-Filippov estate, which, symbolically, Natalya Goncharova's grandfather lost in cards.

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"Not such quests"

Nearest date:different quests go every day

A place:St. Petersburg; each quest address. For example, the "White Cross" goes to Zhukovsky, 20

Publication of # NETAKOYKVEST (@netakoykvest)Jan 1, 2018 at 5:12 pst

The St. Petersburg team "Netakoyukvest" makes unique quests, in which stories are more important than puzzles, or rather, guesses. In these quests there are no props, and the plot is thought out better than many serials. Many participants say that it was not just interesting for them, they were literally reborn.It is worthwhile to go here not to show cleverness, but behind the atmosphere and the opportunity to suddenly find yourself inside the story about Lilia Brik and Vladimir Mayakovsky, for example.

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